Zuheroliva, the Cordovan olive oil that defends diversity

Within the framework of the last Salón Gourmets, the presentation of the limited edition of Zuheroliva Orgullosa took place at the Hotel Indigo Gran Vía in Madrid. Zuheroliva Orgullosa was born in 2021, betting on Premium EVOO from Zuheros (in the heart of the Cordoba Subbética mountain range) that are characterized by being the only ones in the world to create a natural coupage of more than 19 varieties. In addition, the Cooperativa Olivarera Ntra. Sra. del Perpetuo Socorro, in the municipality of Zuheros, is the pioneer in creating an oil brand around the LGTBIQ+ collective that pursues the defense and visibility of these groups.

Madrid.-At the presentation ceremony of this original, committed and exquisite olive oil, representatives of the LGTBIQ+ collective were present, such as the designer Lorenzo Caprile or the politician and activist Carla Antonelli, as well as Juanma Poyato, manager of Zuheroliva and José Manuel Bajo, Secretary of the DO Baena Regulatory Council, the first to protect a brand in favor of the LGTBIQ+ collective. The Party was spectacular with music, a cocktail of products watered with Zuheroliva oil, fun, commitment and a lot of joy.

The design of the bottle and its presentation are highly original. The packaging, designed by the artist and photographer Juanje Priego, is a limited edition with a unique presentation, where a glass bottle with the rainbow flag is reborn from a cylindrical container wrapped in colored feathers.

Zuheros and its olive grove.

This oil is the result of the set of autochthonous varieties present in the area, more than 19 in total: Chorruo, Alameña, Picudo, Datilero, Cornezuelo, Cornicabra, Habichuelero, Hendero, Hojiblanca, Lechín, Manzanillo, Gordal, Negrillo, Nevado, Pajarero , Torcio, Castacabra… among others. This diversity of fruits gives an oil of unique typicity, complex, aromatic and with character, intense and balanced, with exceptional nutritional and organoleptic qualities.

Its intense green color corresponds to the fruity green of Envero olives. The smell of freshly cut grass is softened and nuanced with the delicacy and elegance of notes of tomato and fresh fruit such as green apple or banana skin. Perfect balance between slightly bitter and spicy. Very structured, persistent and harmonious.


Juanma Poyato, manager of Zuheroliva.

Juanma Poyato, manager of the brand, proudly pointed out how this initiative has arisen from a small town of just 600 inhabitants who fully support this commitment to the defense of LGTBIQ+ groups. This year, it is especially dedicated to the Trans Law and this special edition has been awarded the Andalusian LGTB Awards 2021, for its support of the sector.

The mill of the Cooperativa de Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro was created in 1964 by a small group of farmers. Today, its Zuheroliva brand, in addition to being socially committed, is a model of sustainability. They greatly protect their olive grove, the main ecosystem of this region.