Yvelines. Vaux-sur-Seine: Amandine Meloni is all the rage with her decorated cakes

Amandine Meloni has more than 6,000 followers on Instagram. (©Astrid Poullain)

“Dream” can be read in the lab ofAmandine Meloniformer accountant turned pastry chef and cake designer in Vaux-sur-Seine (Yvelines). Two years ago, this 38-year-old mother dared to retrain in order to follow her dream: to create “American-style” decorated cakes for events.

After having been an accountant and executive assistant for a large company for 10 years, this resident of Andrésy completely changed her path in 2019. It was when one of her daughters, then aged 4, asked her for a cake. birthday cake in the shape of a princess castle that she had the click.

“I have been looking for myself for a long time, I have always liked manual and artistic things, I even wanted to be a dancer. »

Amandine MeloniCake designer in Vaux-sur-Seine

Six hours of work for a cake

In 2017, she realized that she was no longer fulfilling her professional career “too strict, too square with little room for creativity” and enrolled in a CAP in pastry.

Being a mother of three children, it was a real challenge for me to go back to school, to get up at two in the morning. It was difficult but I don’t regret it because it allowed me to learn fundamental techniques.

Amandine Meloni

Today, it is these techniques that make him successful and have enabled him to overcome his greatest fear: financial instability.

It’s scary to get started when you have a family, three children and a house to pay for. But in the end word of mouth worked well, social networks are a good help.

Amandine Meloni

It is on her Instagram account with more than 6,000 subscribers that she shares her artistic creations. Because yes, behind each cake hides a minimum of 6 hours of work that she does in her lab in Vaux-sur-Seine.

Among the most original cakes she was able to make are sneakers from famous sports brands or even luxury handbags.

Always very original creations.
Always very original creations.

A preference for “everything that is elegant and flowery”

If for the moment the events for which she creates real works of edible art are quite diversified, in the future she would like to be able to focus only on “wedding cakes” (wedding cakes) because she prefers “anything that is elegant and flowery” and they are much more profitable.

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Not greatly impacted by the health crisis, she saw her agenda fill up until the end of June as soon as the deconfinement was announced.

“We feel that people were just waiting for that. Then the gluttony is very French! It’s very popular and therefore it will always work,” she exclaims optimistically.

Astrid Poulain

Instagram: O Wonders of Amandine (@amandinemeloni_cake_paris)

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