Your nutritious and easy breakfast with this kettle that is a hit from Amazon Mexico

A man preparing homemade fried eggs for breakfast, buttering the bread.  Cooking at home during quarantine

Eggs with less oil is possible with this kettle / Getty Images.

If you are bored or have run out of imagination to prepare eggs for breakfast, a good device that saves you time and solves the problem in the morning will always be a great ally. More so, if there are several family members, since preparing something decent in the morning takes time and a lot of work.

And this option is one of the most sought after in Amazon Mexico due to its versatility and the fact that it has many functions. We are talking about a product that has no more and no less than almost 80,000 ratings that have given it an almost perfect average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.

Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker, Black/

Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker, Black/

The best thing about this kettle is that it is not only that; It can make six hard boiled eggs but also individual omelettes, 2 poached eggs and scrambled eggs, so you’ll never get bored with this little gadget.

How is it used?

It’s very simple, just fill with water to the desired line (according to the guide and what you are going to do), then press the power button to start, the device will turn off when the eggs are ready.

Its plastic is BPA, that is, the best for what refers to consumption and food, so with its measuring cup, its pan for omelettes and the band for 6 hard-boiled eggsYou will have no problem making a complete breakfast for several people in a short time.

Consumers who have purchased it say that it is a device that they find very easy to use and that it has solved them quickly and effectively, especially in the morning when you need to do everything quickly.

As well they emphasize that if you need to make scrambled eggs or poachedthe advice is to spray them with a little oil and then they won’t stick to anything and the advantage is that you use much less fat and salt than if you make them in a pan.

The washable parts fit and can be washed in the dishwasher, it comes with a recipe book and you can also watch the explanatory video that helps a lot to know how this simple device works.

It has up to a year of warranty, so it costs nothing to try.

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