young man had a ‘heated’ for breakfast and after a while he ended up with his motorcycle under a bus

“He’s not, mom, calm down!” she said incredulously, Naidely Zambrano, when his mother told him that she had found out that Manuel Vera Olvera, 18 years old, had died in a car accident. The young woman -who was the girlfriend of the now deceased- could not believe it, because minutes before she had said goodbye to him at her house and had even made him a “heated” (breakfast with leftovers from the previous day’s meal).

The incident occurred around 7:30 a.m. on May 12 at the main road of the Pueblo Nuevo sector, belonging to the Febres Cordero parish, of the Babahoyo canton. The young man went out in his motorcycle from Zambrano’s house, located in the Las CaƱitas precinct, and was on his way to his home in the parish seat Cocoa bush.

However, along the way, Vera Olvera would have accidentally fallen from the motorcycle and ended up under a bus. In the mishap, the young man was unable to get out and was run over by the rear tires of the bus, which hit his head.

The transport unit involved, belonging to the Babahoyo cooperative, disk 05, was detained a few meters further on by transit agents, but its driver had fled the site.

The victim It was left on the road next to the motorcycle and the agents managed the uprising. Vera’s remains were taken to the morgue in Babahoyo for mortuary procedures.

Naidely, the boy’s crush, was devastated, and between tears he mentioned that on May 14 they would be six months old as a couple. He used to stay at her house for up to three days and then go to work as operator of Farm machinery.

They both planned many joint plansbut death cut them short forever.

The remains of the deceased were taken to Mata de Cacao, for his wake and subsequent burial.