Young chefs seek to bring Mexican gastronomy closer to the population

Alitzel Martinez and William Garcia are two gastronomes graduated from the educational system of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, creators of Mubu.

A project that aims to enhance the gastronomy of the entity outside the demarcation and bring gourmet food closer to citizens.

William is 26 years old and has been part of the Mexico Gastronomic Research Center for three years (IGC).

A place of experimentation, search, training and reproduction of techniques for the development of new projects, something that has led to the project they have in the Mexican capital.

This was created by renowned chef Lalo Plasencia.

For his part, the man from Mexico began to get involved in this field practically since he left university.

In the case of Alitzelalso 26 years old and better known as “Ali”, she has been involved in cooking, even outside the Mexican territory.

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He was one of the first people who joined the “Cometa” project, a restaurant in San Pedro Garza, Nuevo León.

Same thing that explores Mexican gastronomy, same thing that belongs to the Rivera Río brothers and where I came to be in charge of an area.

“We wanted to start a small restaurant that had a concept of the gastronomy of the State of Mexico with products from the State of Mexico.

It has a great availability of ingredients, in addition to the techniques that exist in the entity, which is a great differentiator that it has with the rest of the states.

There are many that have not been investigated and what we mainly want to do is tell the world what Mexican gastronomy has to offer”, commented chef “Willy”, as his friends call him.

He also pointed out that despite all the wealth that the region offers in this regard, there are few restaurants that are fully dedicated to developing Mexican cuisine.

You can even talk about only two.

Mubú, the star project of young chefs

Mubu comes from the Mazahua language which means “heart” and on the way to investigate and try to discover more about the gastronomy of the entity.

They also seek to bring this food closer to the people and at the same time support their projects, since they offer regular meals with prices of an inn, but with dishes that usually cost hundreds of pesos.

“This type of dish usually costs at least 200 pesos and we give them in 65, always taking care that the quality does not decrease.

It is under the concept of a little inn, giving a different quality and above all accessible because what we want is for the people of Mexico to fall in love with their food.

Because unfortunately not all of us have the possibility of spending two thousand pesos on menus”, explained the chef “Ali”.

This also helps them to keep “playing” and innovating with food, mainly through the techniques they adopt from the identity story.

Something that at his young age, and that of the project, begins to be a differentiator between the gastronomic guild.

“I insist, we work with products and techniques that are purely from the state, that is, we carry what is really the tradition of gastronomy from the State of Mexico.

DIt is from the deepest, to haute cuisine”, said chef William.

Currently they have also taken advantage of social networks to make short videos in which they provide people with some recipes in a simple way.

In order for them to enjoy and learn more about the cultural baggage that the entity’s food has.

General information

They are located at Calle Arcadio Pagaza num. 202 almost in front of “high school 2”.

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