Yolanda Díaz raises expectations on the left and the first alliances are outlined

Yolanda Diaz It has a date and name for your listening process. It will be after the Andalusian elections on 19-J and it will be called ‘Sumar’. Little else is known. The chosen city in which he will begin his journey throughout Spain is not even known. But what is known is more than enough so that expectation has already been generated around the second vice president. The formations of the Spanish left have received the news with interest and expectation, for the most part, and future alliances are beginning to be drawn.

The future plans of the second vice president are quite vague. Díaz has not come to accept at any time the commission to present himself to the future general election. And she will not take that step, she insists over and over again, until her listening process is over, she has traveled all over Spain to meet with citizens and the foundations of a platform on which to build her project are laid. Faced with this secrecy – only those closest to her are aware of her intentions – any new dose of information causes tremors in the left.

And is not for less. The vice president has the tool ready with which to start the process of listening to her. As reported by EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA, from the group Iberian Press to which this newspaper belongs, people close to Díaz have registered in the Ministry of the Interior the ‘Add’ association which will officially be registered in the coming weeks. The development of this vehicle has triggered the first movements on the political board.

Within United We Can

The news was received with some coldness in Podemos. The Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, admitted that he did not know the constitution of the ‘Sumar’ association and wanted to make it clear that it is Díaz who must provide all the details. Even so, the purple leader assured that we can “will always add“and that will collaborate”with all the strength of your organization“. This Friday, the vice president downplayed the friction with the purple: “As soon as we start, we will see how we widen that process“.

Much more receptive was the federal coordinator of the IU, Alberto Garzon, with whom Díaz maintains a close relationship. The also Minister of Consumption expressed his enthusiasm this Friday before the project that the vice president is going to launch and affirmed that it is “time to add” In this sense, he stressed that he “likes a lot” the name chosen for the listening process and called on “support and protect” to Díaz before the attacks that will come from the right.

Likewise, the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, stressed that Díaz is the “leadership that is needed on the left.” The Catalan mayor is one of the main names that the Minister of Labor will include in her future platform. “Let’s also join Ada Colau,” he said as soon as it was known that the leader of Catalunya en Comú will stand for local elections in 2023.

Extending ties

Outside the United We Can coalition, Díaz has been building bridges for some time. One of the most solid is the one he has built with the leader of Más País, Inigo Errejon. Only in the last week, the vice president has been seen with him at the San Isidro festivities in Madrid and at the presentation of the book by the leader of Más Madrid, Monica Garcia. Errejón wanted to value these days the “magnificent relationship“That he maintains with the leader of the purples in the Government, although he avoids entering into future alliances. However, from the surroundings of both their good understanding is emphasized.

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The verb ‘Add’ has also reached the Valencian Community, where Compromís -current partner of Más País- is the predominant force to the left of the PSOE. In recent months, Díaz has shown a fluid relationship with the vice president, Monica Oltra. However, in the Valencian coalition – the main parties are Month-Commitments and Poble Valencia Initiative– tensions have arisen in recent days. Més is cautious and they ask to wait to talk to Díaz “the what and the how”, while Initiative already speaks of a “very exciting project”.

In Andalusia, less than a month before the polls are installed, the news has not left any of the left-wing formations indifferent either. Beyond the notice of the candidate of ‘For Andalusia’ (IU, Podemos, More Country…), Inma Grandsonthat “Díaz is going to set up a very big shed and is going to be the next president of the Government”, the head of the list of Adelante Andalucía and former leader of Podemos, Theresa Rodriguez, also admitted his “interest”, although he claimed “a space of his own” Andalusian. Recovering the alliance with the leader of Anticapitalista will be one of the vice president’s challenges.