Yemayá consolidates itself in Vigo with a second vegan and gluten-free breakfast location

In the process of reforming the A Laxe shopping center in Vigo, Yemayá Food and Coffee is consolidated in the Olívica city with the inauguration of a new premises. After announcing its arrival at the commercial area together with the gourmet ham shop Viandas – Hacienda Zoritathe concept human friendly of which the breakfast place boasts is already at full capacity in A Laxe to offer its vegan and gluten-free options in its second point of sale in the city.

Yemayá, which owes its name to the goddess of the sea of ​​the Yoruba religion, adds to the gastronomic offer of the commercial complex, among which are options such as Milongas or Portobello. According to the person in charge of both premises, Glory Avelar, its desire to expand added to the “facilities provided by the center’s administration” made it possible for Yemayá to have a new store in this location. “I think we combine very well with the offers that are available, because they didn’t have this line of products,” says Avelar, while advancing that the first days at A Laxe are being “great.” “We are receiving a good number of customers from the shopping center, but also people who have come for us and this makes me very happy because that way we also bring customers.”

The new A Laxe cafeteria has a much larger space, although retains exactly the same essence as the main establishmentlocated in Rua Cuba nº2. “We are everything friendly that you can imagine”, assures the person in charge, displaying her philosophy human friendly, pet friendly, suitable for vegans and suitable for coeliacs (gluten-free products). Gloria Avelar’s main objective, with this type of concept, is for Yemayá to be a reflection of how she would like the world to be. Therefore, she clarifies that she not only offers gluten-free or vegan options, but also the entire menu is available in both variants. “My main purpose is that vegans or people with celiac disease do not have to assume the social and economic price that this entails, that is why we offer facilities for everyone.”

Yemayá opened the doors of its first establishment a couple of weeks before confinement and, despite the difficulties, during its little more than two years of history it has managed to become a place of reference in the olive city, especially for its breakfasts. , late breakfast and snacks. All the options that have managed to captivate people from Vigo can also be enjoyed in the new premises of the A Laxe shopping center. For example, menus “sweeter than salty” or “saltier than sweet”, for 12.50 euroswhich include special pancakes or tosta keke, brownie with ice cream, extra large latte and orange juice. Other Yemayá proposals for breakfast are the toastwith chocolate and strawberries, cream cheese, homemade jam and nuts or keke fit, among others, for prices between 2 and 5.50 euros for two slices. The menu is completed with breakfast bowls or lunch options, such as quesadillas, pizzas, bowls OR wraps up.

Yemayá is the life project of the Salvadoran and Vigo host Glory Avelar and her husband marcelo leva. With experience in restoration in their country of origin, Avelar decided to open a “different” proposal in Vigo that represents its philosophy of life through its products. “The idea of ​​Yemayá is that there are no barriers, of any kind, or where you are born, or preferences, or gender identity,” explains the person in charge. “Vigo is a very varied city in its food concepts, that made it easier for our proposal to go ahead,” she adds.

The new A Laxe store adapts its hours to the opening hours of the shopping centre, opening from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and on Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.. For its part, the Cuba street venue maintains its hours from 09:00 to 21:00 every day.