Xavier Pellicer, the king of vegetable cuisine

The Catalan chef affirms that the future of gastronomy goes through one for a more conscious and more balanced kitchen with nature

Xavier Pellicer knew from a very young age that cooking was his thing and there is no other profession that has convinced him throughout his life. After beginning his gastronomic apprenticeship at the Arzak restaurant and being part of the kitchen team directed by Jean Jacques Simon at the Tierra restaurant, he went to France and immersed himself in the teachings of Maximin or Dutournier, but he admits that, on a personal level, the chef who has marked him the most has been the late Santi Santamaríathat would change his way of understanding cooking and with whom he shared ten years of his professional career.

He is currently happy in the restaurant that bears his name, focused on the product and healthy and balanced foodand winner of the 2018 World’s Best Vegetable Restaurant award by the We’re Smart Green Guide.

The chef enjoys when people realize that a vegetable “is an extraordinary dish”. In this sense, he is proud of elaborations such as cauliflower or beet gazpacho, “although today we are evolving in new ways of understanding the vegetable.” Despite this trend in green, he confesses that for a special occasion he goes for a good oyster and caviar.

Pellicer believes that the future of the sector lies in a cuisine that is more conscious and more balanced with nature “to make gastronomy of higher quality”. “In the coming years we have to continue with this awareness of feeding healthy, good, balanced and that people enjoy”, he points out.

The Catalan chef says he disconnects from the rhythm of the kitchen in the gym or having a glass of wine and sharing with his family. When choosing a restaurant, he prefers those that identify with his philosophy and his way of understanding food“but above all in those with good energy”.

‘Meetings a la carte’ continues with Xavier Pellicer a series of interviews that began with Erlantz Gorostizaof the MB Ritz Carlton Abama restaurant, and continued with the chef Alvaro Garrido, from Mina’s restaurant, and the sommelier John Munoz.

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