World top doctors raise their voices vs. doctors who sent them to make breakfast

Women are capable of doing everything they set out to do and fulfilling all their dreams, but on many occasions they are faced with a society male chauvinist and with men who try to minimize them or make them give up, that’s why medical They raised their voices to show that despite adversity they managed to be the best in their specialties.

After the March 8 march, the Feminist movement turned to other areas, such as social networks. On Twitter, a wave of tweets emerged that began with “greetings to…” to make visible the problems they faced within a society male chauvinist.

One of those who raised her voice was the neurologist Irene Treviño Frenk, who wrote:

“Greetings to the then intensive care resident who, when I was an intern, told me ´wow, you are not as stupid as you seem´ and ´if you are not going to make breakfast, at least buy it´. Today I am a world top in my specialty, teacher, researcher and a thousand other things… just there”.

The ophthalmologist Pau Ramírez also recounted how she was a victim of machismo in her career: “Greetings to the director who offered me a room for a congress if I stayed with him and made my life impossible when I said no. Today I am one of the least 80 pediatric retina surgeons in the world”.

In this way, a chain was created in which the health specialists recounted the teasing and offenses they suffered while studying, such as Dr. Jan Salk, who said that her neuroanatomy teacher told her that her degree was going to hang in the kitchen. , but now she is a medical resident teacher.

The dermatopathologist Marcela Saeb Lima joined the complaints, who said that dozens of doctors told her that it was better to be a model, but currently she works in an Institute, has an annual congress and publishes research in specialized magazines.

The general surgeon and coloproctologist Mariel Morales also shared that a chief resident told her physically “you’re not bad” and that he even told her that she better get a man while she was young, to be a mother who goes by truck to pick up her children. school.

In other cases, the aggression went from being verbal to physical, as happened to María A. Martinez-Castellanos, an oculocentrist and pediatric retinal surgeon, who recounted the violence she suffered on Twitter. “Greetings to the colonel who put his hand under my blouse, who I hit for that and made me sign my resignation with 2 months left to finish R3. I salute you from the podium as a member of the Jules Gonin Club, the most difficult scientific society to belong in ophthalmology”.

In this way, the medical raised their voices to denounce the violence that hundreds of women experience within medicine, in order to expose those who attacked them at some point and show the world and the women who are studying that no matter how many obstacles they encounter, they can achieve what they want. they propose