World gastronomy leader

Yucatan gastronomy returns to world recognition: at the end of 2021, the Cochinita pibil was crowned the best dish in the world, according to the website of flavor atlas. Of 10 thousand dishes, this typical dish from the Mexican peninsula managed to position itself as a favorite; according to the platform, they had to count more than 100 thousand votes.

The Yucatecan dish ranked first worldwide with 4.69 stars and, in addition to rewarding it, flavor atlas points out which is the best place to eat Cochinita pibil in the country. The point is the ‘El Turix’ taqueria, located in Mexico City.

This title manages to position the gastronomy of Mexico among that of several countries, since in the first 10 places, Brazil managed to position two dishes. However, the cochinita pibil was crowned the best in the world in the traditional food guide, something for which Mexicans have expressed pride towards the typical food of the state of Yucatan.

flavor atlas (Atlas del Sabor), is a specialized food site that compiles traditional recipes, where reviews from 26 food critics are also shared and articles on popular ingredients and dishes are published.


The cochinita pibil It is a dish made from pork that is marinated in a combination of achiote paste, sour orange juice and garlic, in addition to other spices. It is slowly baked wrapped in banana leaves in an underground container, then crumbled and served in tortillas (or bolillo) with pickled red onion and habanero chili.

This dish, influenced Mayait is often served on weekends in many Mexican homes, usually as a Sunday family ritual.

The cochinita pibil It has its origins in pre-Hispanic times, when Hanal Pixán was tasted in its most important celebration to remember the dead, in which food and drink were offered to the souls of the faithful departed from October 31 to November 2.

The dish was made with pheasant, wild boar or venison meat and was cooked in the to startwhich means earth oven. But during the Spanish conquest the meat of these animals was replaced by pork.


The cochinita pibil It was not the only Mexican dish in the annual ranking of the specialized site, there are also the enmoladas, which ranked 27th with 4.47 points; Pozole was ranked 58th, obtaining 4.35 points, while wire could barely sneak into 93rd place, earning 4.26 points.

However, within the top ten places are two from Brazil: Picaña and Feijão Tropeiro; the Pierogi Ruskie from Poland and the Curry Massamam, a Thai dish. Italy and Spain feature on the list with Pesto Truffle and Garlic Prawns, respectively, while neighboring Greece highlights its Yemista, Bosnia Sarajevski cevapi and Latin America appears once again with Peru’s Mixed Ceviche.

Here are various recipes to prepare at home with cochinita pibil. Bon Apetit!



2 kg of pork (solid and rib)

3 heads of garlic, peeled

1 cinnamon stick

1 teaspoon of pepper

1/2 tablespoon cumin

3 cloves

10 chiles de arbol

4 tablespoons of oregano

1 achiote bar

1 cup of orange juice

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

2 roasted banana leaves

2 red onions finely sliced

2 habanero peppers roasted and chopped

1 cup of bitter orange juice

Salt to taste


To make the marinade: mix all the ingredients, put them in a bowl and reserve (it is better to prepare it a day before).

Roast half of the garlic, cinnamon, peppers, cumin, cloves, chiles and oregano.

Blend the above with the other half of the garlic, the orange juice, the oil and the achiote until they are integrated.

Spread the meat with this mixture (it should be well covered) and wrap it in the banana leaves.

Cover this package with foil and let sit overnight in the bottom of the refrigerator.

Cook meat in pressure cooker 45 minutes after steam escapes or until tender; let cool and crumble.


The cooking method is what makes this dish unique. The to start (meaning ‘made in an oven’) is an underground oven used by the Mayans that contains stones or hot firewood where food wrapped in banana leaves is introduced.