World French Bread Day: Baguette vs Toast; Here’s a healthy recipe with oatmeal

Besides the spring and the birthday of Benito Juarez the March 21st commemorates the French Bread Day, but to the surprise of many, this has nothing to do with French toast, since it refers to the jonquilwhat we usually eat in Christmas OR New Year. However, on this date the differences between this and French toast are clarified, which many of us know as French bread, but both are from France, they are.

There is a lot of confusion between the toasts and the baguette in terms of its history of commemoration, because while the French toast began to be consumed from the Middle Ages, when it was soaked in milk and honey was added with the intention of not wasting anything, the baguette came later, as it was first developed A, Austriain the middle of the 20th century, when steam ovens began to work.