World Cheese Day: Celebrate it by learning how to make a delicious cottage cheese with a homemade recipe

Currently almost nothing needs his day and of course cheese could not be the exception. Particularly because it is an important food of international stature that makes our lives happy, seasoning or accompanying endless cymbalsthat can range from soup to desserts. There is hardly anyone who does not like any variety of this foodbecause it can also be found in different textures to consume it in different ways.

The cheese It’s one of the foods plus ancient that there is and the truth is that it is essentially a solid food that is obtained by maturation of the curd of animal or vegetable milk once the whey has been eliminated; Its different varieties depend on the origin of the milk used, the production methods followed and the degree of maturity reached. It can arise from the curdled milk of cows, goats, sheep, buffaloes, camels, ruminant mammals, or plant milk.