Women who are making a difference in the Mexican gastronomic industry

On Menu from The universal we want to celebrate the women who are at the forefront of Mexican gastronomy by creating community, sharing their knowledge and making Mexico sound positive outside the country. This is a small sample of the talent that surrounds us and that inspires our days.


Alicia Gironella

The gastronomic grandmother who forged generations of chefs in the classrooms and in her Tajín restaurant. She is the founding women of Slow Food in Mexico along with her husband Giorgio D’Angelli. In addition to being a cook, she has research on Mexican cuisine that has been a great contribution to the heritage and culinary culture of this country. She is a member of the French Culinary Academy, the Vatel Club Mexico and the Cordon Blue Association.

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She was part of the entourage that went to Nairobi to inscribe Mexican cuisine as a Cultural and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2010, the first cuisine in the world to be taken into account by UNESCO for its safeguarding. Among the titles he has published are: Larousse of Mexican cuisine, Mexican cuisine for the world: knowledge and flavors of Alicia Gironella de’Angeli, Mayan recipe book of the state of Yucatan, Epazote and molcajete: products and techniques of Mexican cuisine and Cooked in Mexico: the first cookbook of modern Mexican cuisine.

solange mouse

She is chef, manager and partner of the restaurant Chamomile Together with her husband Benito Molina, the first gastronomic space that gave Ensenada a voice more than 20 years ago. She is an intuitive cook who respects and highlights the best of the product. When she’s not in the kitchen, she’s with her daughter. olivia. Without a doubt, a woman passionate about her job and committed to her two full-time jobs: being a mother and a cook.

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Karime Lopez

She is a Mexican export pride, since she lives in Italy directing one of the most important restaurants in Florence, Italy. She was from Gucci Osteria, a project by Massimo Bottura. Her constant work and her discipline as her executive chef have led her to achieve a Michelin star in 2020, making her the first Mexican woman to obtain this recognition.


Antoinette Carreon

She is the brewer and founder of Madrina Brewing Housea family business that he started after his return from Argentina. Through her curiosity, she began training her to learn all about the world of craft beer, which, to this day, continues to have little female presence. Almost seven years after the start of Madrina, she continues to head the brewery, in addition to being a recognized figure in the industry and being a judge in important contests.

Mariana Dominguez

She is part of the Adelitas collective, a group of women dedicated to the brewing industry since 2019. She is at the head of Cervecería Nevado, a microbrewery located in Valle de Bravo, as well as being the founder of Macaria Brewing. Thanks to her collaboration with Cerveceros Arellano, she obtained a bronze medal in the Copa Quetzal, an international competition. This recognition was thanks to a barelywine that she called Sweet n´Sour. Another prize is a silver medal in the Pacific Beer Cup also last year with a Berliner Weiss.

Salome Hillhamn

Since she was in high school, Hilhamm has been interested in spirits, especially gin. She began in her parents’ kitchen to distill her first batches of chilanga gin. She is the founder of Condesa Gin, the first microdistillery in Mexico City. She has a promising future in the industry, she started young in the alcohol industry. In addition to gin, she has a mezcal liqueur called Xila with notes of lavender, jamaica, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, ancho chili and pineapple. She has a gold at the Spirit International Prestige Awards (SIP Awards).

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Tihui Campos

Is a woman that from the academy trains the new generations interested in culture, the countryside and food. She supports various coffee farmer organizations for training and strengthening in reference to gender equality, she was the founding president of the Alianza de Women in Café, Mexico chapter. She has collaborated on various books on governance, agroecology, food sovereignty and the peasant women’s movement. She is currently an official dedicated to Food Culture in the Ministry of Culture of the Federal Government, where she seeks to strengthen the social importance of women in food.


Glory Blonde

Together with Marta Ruiz, she is the founder of Arta Cerámica, one of the most important workshops in CDMX. She employs and trains women vulnerable, from the potter’s trade she encourages them to have a trade. In addition to being a provider of personalized tableware for hotels and restaurants, her vein as an artist and for conceiving the world is embodied in clay. Her latest creation is Caudal, a work that reflects on the pandemic, COVID19 and vaccination. There are 41 high-temperature ceramic pieces with gold applications, on a wooden base.

Jessica Fernandez

is the head cheesemaker of Lactography, that is to say, a trader specializing in cheese and dairy products. She serves as a member of the board of directors of the Cheese Culture Coalition and is co-founder of Mexican Mongers, a project that seeks to train those interested in the trade, so that they are capable of enriching the value chain between producers and consumers.

Since 2018 she is Director of the Mexican Cheese Institute. She was the third Mexican judge invited to participate in the World Cheese Awards and the youngest in Latin America: she is also a jury of the World Championship Cheese Contest and a member of the Network for the Promotion of Quality and Safety in Artisan Cheeses in Ibero-America (QuesArte Latin America).

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Gisela Illescas

Peasant, social fighter and woman that seeks to empower other peasant women to be independent within the Veracruz coffee scene. She has found a way in which the women of the FEMCAFÉ cooperative, of which she is a part, always have 10 percent of the green harvest produced by Campesinos en la Lucha Agraria Sociedad Cooperativa.

It also seeks to promote good nutrition and preserve the knowledge of herbalism. It promotes women’s spaces (circles of the moon) where self-esteem is worked on, community empowerment, as well as the promotion of solidarity savings so that they learn from the culture of saving.

Carmen Huizapol

This woman Guadalajara came to Mexico City to accumulate successes in his career in the world of gastronomy. She went through the ranks of the renowned Pujol restaurant as a mixologist. It is part of the Arca Tierra collective, which rescues the ancestral method of agriculture in chinampas, from where the ingredients arrive at the Café de Nadie bar, one of the places with the best cocktail bars in the city, another of Carmen’s projects.

Blanca Castrocerio

Before the term dark kitchen existed, she already implemented it in her grandmother’s kitchen, Nonna Trenti, from whom she learned most of her recipes. In addition to being a well-known pastry chef in Baja California, she is a great promoter of Mexicali as a gastrotourism destination. She is part of the Mexican Grill Society where she participates with smoked desserts, she has represented Mexico in the Vatican.


Rachel Torres

Anthropologist and traditional cook focused on Veracruz kitchens. If a chef has any doubts, they go to her so that she can give them classes not only in cooking, but also in food culture, its heritage and social importance. For more than 30 years he has traveled the state from top to bottom (a tireless exploration in the Great Mountains, of Totonacapan, in the Veracruz Isthmus, in the Leeward Plains, in the Tuxtlas, in the Huasteca, in the Sierra de Huayacocotla and in the Uxanapan Valley), collecting ingredients, techniques and recipes to make them known in a didactic way. Part of this knowledge is emptied in her book Recetorio afromestizo de Veracruz, edited by CONACULTA.

Pauline Herrera

She is passionate about baking. Together with Laura Luna, she started the Honoré project, located in Hermosillo, Sonora, an artisanal bakery that has grown rapidly thanks to her work and the excellent quality of the products. She is part of the Mexican Collective of Bakers (COMEPAN), which seeks to create a community with all those who dedicate themselves to the noble trade and where, personally, she advocates for the inclusion and visibility of the women in the baking industry.

Jennifer Borrego

Originally from Tampico, Tamaulipas, she is a woman passionate about coffee. She is a barista and roaster at Degas Café, where she strives to reflect the work behind each cup to the end consumer. In 2021 she was crowned the winner in the Barista category at the Mexican Coffee Professionals Competition. This year she will be a judge in the Cup of Excellence Mexico 2022 competition, in addition to participating in the World Barista Championship to promote and make Mexican coffee shine.


maru toledo

Cook and gastronomic researcher. She is dedicated to rescuing traditional recipes, as well as regional ingredients. She heads the group of traditional cooks Mujeres del Maíz, who seek to publicize the richness of Mexican gastronomy through the use of native corn. She has published more than 20 books and cookbooks, and her culinary career has been recognized with various awards.

Laura Santander

She is a Certified Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers and a Tequila Teacher by the Mexican Academy of Tasters of Tequila, Wine and Mezcal AC
She has accumulated many of the greatest recognitions in the world of wine such as Best Sommelier of the Year 2019, Award of Excellence Wine Spectator, 1st place in the Nariz de México 2012 and named among the 25 Leaders of Wine in Mexico.

She is an advisor on wine and spirits lists for important restaurant and wine groups, as well as a judge in multiple national and international competitions such as the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles and the National Sommeliers Contest, to name a few.


war girl

Maricarmen Guerra, better known as Nina, is a chef who loves the sweet side of gastronomy, she is a pastry chef and chocolatier. For more than five years, she has been part of the Chocolate Academy Mexico, a confectionery arts teaching center with locations around the world.

Nina is part of the staff of professionals who teach courses on topics related to cocoa, chocolate, pastry and trends in the field of desserts. She has participated in the training of hundreds of students who today dedicate their lives to sweet cuisine, in addition to collaborating with brands such as Callebaut and Cacao Barry.

Alejandra Juarez

She is the founder of Jobito Café, a Mexican coffee roaster that seeks to bring the best quality of national coffee to the table of every home. Her love for this product began when she worked in a bar in Tampico, where through her interest, she discovered the long chain of value behind each coffee bean. She has participated in latte art and barista competitions at the Mexican Coffee Professionals Competition. In 2021 she took first place in the 9th Mexican Brew Bar Competition.

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