“Withdrawal from the State”, “living worse” and “falling urgency”: Cosse, Pereira and Orsi at the LUC crossing – Information – 03/22/2022

“There is a common thread: that it is the withdrawal of the State. It is one thing to be liberal and another thing is to promote the withdrawal of the State, ”he said on Tuesday. Carolina CosseMayor of Montevideo, referring to the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC) during a working breakfast organized by the Marketing Association of Uruguay (WMD), in which the president of the FA, fernando pereiraand the mayor of Canelones, Yamandu Orsi.

“In all the articles, there is in some way a withdrawal of the State. In colonization, in education, in the guarantees of citizens, the part of rents, the State withdraws, or State obligations are lowered, which is a blank check for withdrawal. This provides a regulatory framework for the withdrawal of the State”, added Cosse.

“Such a regressive regulatory framework is not only going to have an effect on our children, our grandchildren, because we are mortgaging key factors of the future, such as education, transparency, the fight against corruption, drug trafficking…”, he detailed.

“LUC railway”

For his part, the president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, said about the LUC that “there are more than 30 bills in the same law, so this law was called the LUC railway.” “The UPM train, which is going to be big, does not have as many wagons as this law, so difficult to discuss”, he fired in that sense. For Pereira, the Urgent Consideration resource was used “even knowing (that it is) the worst procedure in terms of democratic quality that the Legislative Power has”, he affirmed.

“What can be the temptation of a parliamentary majority? A law with all the projects that a government brings and has to be approved in 90 days? Is that the logic with which the Legislative Power is going to work from now on? ”, He questioned.

“One assumes that when he builds a law of this volume and that it is urgent, he favored the great majority: retirees, workers, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, people with a critical context. In these two years I saw these people live worse”, Pereira continued his dissertation on the effects of the LUC.

He also attacked the media, from what he understands, the lack of dissemination of images of the popular pots. “Since 2002, no popular pots have been seen in Uruguay, and the fact that the informatics have decided not to show images of popular pots does not mean that there are not 60,000 citizens here who go to eat at the popular pots, and 100,000 throughout the country.”

Carolina Cosse, Yamandú Orsi and Fernando Pereira.  Photo: El País |  Leonard Maine
Carolina Cosse, Yamandú Orsi and Fernando Pereira. Photo: El País | Leonard Maine

education and safety

Regarding the educational system, Pereira compared the results of the Frente Amplio governments and the current “multicolor” government.

“A fact that may be of little importance to some: teachers’ salaries doubled in 15 years and assistants’ salaries tripled. They tell us that we have to change because everything was wrong and they weakened public education.”

The president of the Broad Front said that the current government says that it protects the Police, but it has no “memory.”

“In 2004 the Police had neither weapons, uniforms nor professionalism. And they were forbidden to have unions. At the end of 2019, they tripled salary, uniform, first-class weapons, had protection and professionalization.”

“Then we talk about violence, of course we live in a violent society. The safest countries in the world are the ones with the smallest gap between rich and poor”, she closed.

Carolina Cosse, Yamandú Orsi and Fernando Pereira.  Photo: El País |  Leonard Maine
Carolina Cosse, Yamandú Orsi and Fernando Pereira. Photo: El País | Leonard Maine

urgent or not

Finally, the mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsi, stated that he thinks that “the LUC and the budget have been the only two relevant initiatives of the Executive Branch.”

“The Government, with a great concentration of power in the president, has not proposed a legislative agenda on relevant issues regarding the present and future of the country.”

“A major mistake was considering as urgent issues that do not seem to be a priority, issues that are even pending implementation. This shows the weakness itself and the reason for urgency falls, ”she sentenced.

Yamandú Orsi Photo: El País |  Leonard Maine
Yamandú Orsi Photo: El País | Leonard Maine