With Vista al Mar, the restaurant in CDMX that will make you feel on the beach

Coastal-style seafood restaurant: picturesque, simple and with a cozy atmosphere. With sea view is the new favorite to eat tasty and have a break of city chaos. This 2022 the third branch was inaugurated in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office and here we have all the details.

Restaurant With Ocean View in CDMX

Seafood as it should be: tasty and without prejudice. The kitchen is run by Iraqi Chief Roaro, who was born and raised in Mazatlan; he knows very well the traditional flavors of the Pacific.

Photo by Claudia Zurita.

Most of the menu has fresh dishes. And although they all have innovative ingredients, we have a selection of the unmissable ones (also recommended by the chef):

  • Special Aguachile: shrimp with toasted chiltepin, red onion, cucumber and toasted beef machaca. Although it may seem like a strange combination, the ingredients harmonize with each other, remembering, in each bite, that “in the sea, life is tastier”.
  • Tostilocos: Green sauce tostitos topped with classic ceviche de sierra and serrano chili. If it is about snacks in the center, the Tostilocos are the protagonists and the obligatory order in each visit.
  • Taco Chilango: Homemade shrimp sausage, dry pork rinds and tomato sauce. Because no, those who live in CDMX cannot miss their good dose of tacos.
  • Taco Tampico: because love is born from sight, the Tampico has serrano mayonnaise, chilacayota pico de gallo and beets, and the star of the dish is soft shell crab breaded with pork rinds. What a delicacy!
  • Esquites with marrow and octopus: Fried skittes, beef marrow, octopus pork rinds. chili pepper and lemon. The perfect sea and land combination does exist.
  • Octopus drowned cake: aren’t they with pork? Here they are stuffed with octopus with epazote and soaked in tomato broth and chili puya sauce.
With sea view
Taco Tampico. Photo by Claudia Zurita.

So you don’t miss out on an experience with a sea view, there are vegan taco and aguachile options. Also, you should know that the tortillas are made from creole corn and by hand.

Mezcal cannot (and should not) be missing

Every good Mexican dish is paired with mezcal. The chef makes a special selection and adds to the menu the best Oaxacan distillates. Although, if you go in a relaxed plan, you should ask for a lulu… yes, the soft drink of your childhood. Or, order the one and only Tony Col.

The good feeder and drinker always has a happy ending. Don’t stop trying Soft Custardmade with the traditional Mazatlan marshmallows and accompanied by ranch cream. Spectacular!

With sea view
Soft flan. Photo by Claudia Zurita.

Music, competition and good vibes

A little over a year after its first opening, Con vista al Mar already has three branches. Of course, the harmonious vibe abounds in all. Once a week, the tacos and tostadas competitionin which two chefs face each other in a culinary battle and launch a special recipe that is served in a taco or tostada.

Ask for the dish of the month; during March, Zihua Band-Aids Zihuatanejo style are the option. The “Tropical Remix at Con Vista al Mar” is present on weekends; the moment where DJs set the mood with a vinyl record. What more can you ask for in life?

With sea view
Tostilocos. Photo by Claudia Zurita.

Branch offices:

New York 264, Naples.
Jalapa 145-C, North Rome.
Lerma River 159, Cuauhtemoc.

Schedules: all week from 12:00 to 23:00.

Average account: $350 per person.

Pet-friendly place.

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