With pineapple and coriander! What is the origin of the trompo al pastor and how many kilos does it have?

Self-respecting Mexican loves taquitos like there is no tomorrow! If we are completely honest, this phrase hides a lot of truth in what it says, and there is no Mexican who can really deny them, we all love taquitos so much and no matter which of all its varieties, we accept eating them because we don’t there is nothing like it. Such has been its popularity, that there have been many countries that have sought to recreate our tacosmany of them failing in the attempt.

Despite this, we cannot discredit the attempt they had, because not everyone can have the privilege of creating one of the richest dishes around the world. Such has been its popularity, that it has acquired its own day of celebration and since 2017 it has been declared the official day on Taco Day March 31. Although we like all the varieties, there is one that has established itself as one of the favorites: The Shepherd.