with half a plate “happy heart”

In little market 3 they are happy with the integration plan. Photo: Courtesy.

Ipoi la tejú hína, but after Easter they will undertake several projects in the different markets to move the economy in the neighborhoods.

In this sense, the director of Market 4, Juan Villalba, responsible for mobilizing the zonal markets, commented to Crónica that the initiative went down well among officials and permit holders who feel that the post-pandemic situation has changed.

Today they started in one of the smallest and oldest, Mercado 3, located in Montevideo and Jejui, which turns 78 this year, was founded in 1944.

The strength of this little market number 3 is the food, around 120 to 150 people per day, go to the 12 dining rooms that work there, motivated by the prices and the delicacies that the cooks prepare.

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“We have 13 permit holders, 12 dining rooms and a miniload box. The fort is breakfast and lunch, it remains open from 5 in the morning until 4 p.m.,” the administrator, Juan Carlos Morínigo, told Crónica.

He assures that they offer the best food in the center from Monday to Friday with a varied menu, from coffee with milk, cocido negro, omelette with minced meat egg, fish broth, eré eréa empanadas.

Morínigo said that the most important thing is that you can order half a plate at noon and it is cheap taking into account inflation, the lunch that I complete with juice costs from 14 to 18 thousand guaraníes per person.

“Until now they have not raised their prices because people who want to eat well on a tight budget come to the market, for example, I have an omelette or steak for breakfast on horseback or with onions, with a glass of juice and they charge me 6,500 to 7,000 guaraníes, otherwise the complete puretón costs 12,000 guaraníes”, he revealed.