With breakfast and gifts they celebrate “Student’s Day”

Los Cabos.- To celebrate “Student’s Day” on Government of Los Cabos held a breakfast with the outstanding young students in the educational field; The celebration was held in the Antonio Mijares square, where 320 students from the rural area, Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo were present; There, surprise gifts such as printers, desks, chairs with wheels and laptops were given, different cultural shows were also presented and awards were given to the outstanding students of each educational institution.

On behalf of the municipal president Óscar Leggs Castro, the secretary general of Los Cabos, Ariel Castro Cárdenas, attended, who addressed an encouraging message to the youth of Cabaña, reaffirming his commitment to those present to continue working for the benefit of citizens; Likewise, he emphasized that this is the first celebration to be held after 2 years of being postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this regard, the general director of the Youth Institute of the Municipality of Los Cabos (INJUVE), Eduardo Gamaliel Valdez Ortiz, reported that different educational establishments from the municipality participated in the event during breakfast: “We had the delivery of awards, and we delivered 40 prizes, since there were a total of 40 tables; we gave away desks, office chairs, printers and computers that were donated by Mayor Óscar Leggs Castro. We want the students to know that Injuve is an open-door Institute and we seek to have a link between youth and the Government”.

To conclude, the attendees expressed their gratitude to the Government of Los Cabos for resuming the activities to celebrate “Student’s Day” in the municipality, as well as for the delivery of surprise gifts that are very useful to continue standing out in the field. educational; On the other hand, they expressed that they hope that Injuve Los Cabos will continue carrying out activities for their benefit.