Will they sell TLAYUDAS at AIFA? We know this about the arrival of the Oaxacan dish at the Airport

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After an informal vendor entered the facilities of the new Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) to sell tlayudas, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador It does not rule out that some locals be given to the vendors of this typical traditional Mexican food within the premises of the place.

This was expressed during his usual morning press conference, where he said, he will ask the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), an institution that currently manages the AIFA, which allocates some public establishments so that typical Mexican snacks can be sold, such as tlayudasthe tlacoyos and the golden brown.

“I think that they should (sell) in one of the stores, because perhaps they don’t know, those who make these questions, because they are not that important economically, one thing is that they are considered superior and another thing is that really have resources,” said President López Obrador.

Similarly, the representative of the Executive assured that one of the most fashionable food trends in recent years is to bet on the consumption of natural and organic:

“That is fashionable, everything that has to do with the natural, with the organic, if you saw how the tlacoyohow do they come to sell it, from the State of Mexico behind Ajusco, what is it called there, in Jalatlaco, but the people plant the corn, which is a special blue corn for tortillas, then they plant the broad bean, the beans and all the Jalatlaco day to sell the tlacoyo”, detailed the Mexican politician.

SAT, will it condone taxes for sellers of tlayudas with premises in the AIFA?

Regarding whether the company AIFA SA de CV will forgive the taxes of the tenants who sell their Mexican snacks within its facilities, President López Obrador rejected the possibility, but assured that the AIFA will have a wide culinary offer of Mexican food such as the tlayudas and the golden ones.

“I hope that at the airport (there are these products), I also agree with this, and even if they don’t like garnachas and picadas and tlayudas, they would like to, it’s the most nutritious thing there can be,” he said.

What is a tlayuda, a tlacoyo and a doradita? DIFFERENCES

One of the many virtues that Mexico can boast is its exquisite GASTRONOMY, especially the appetizers and garnachas, which regardless of social status have won a heart in every Mexican. For this reason, in Heraldo Binario we explain the differences between a tlacoyo, tlayuda and doradita.

The tlayudaalso known as clayuda is a typical corn tortilla from the state of Oaxaca, in Mexico. It usually has a diameter of 30 centimeters or more; it is browned on a griddle, which gives it greater hardness than a conventional tortilla, with a brittle and leathery consistency. Due to its thickness and type of cooking, it is guaranteed to be preserved in good condition for long periods of time.

The classical tlayuda It is spread with pork seat, and then, add cheese, lettuce, roast beef jerky, or beef cecina and its spicy sauce freshly made from the molcajete. Depending on the vendor, other ingredients can be added to the tlayuda, such as guacamole, pork rinds, green chorizo, and whatever comes to mind!

The golden ones are also known as “tolucan huarache“, which has more than 100 years of history. This Mexican appetizer is made of corn dough, covered with a layer of beans, chopped cilantro, onion, nopalitos, grated cheese and red sauce.

For his part, the tlacoyo It consists of a thick, long, oval tortilla prepared with corn dough (it must be filled with beans and may also contain alberjón (dried peas), cooked beans or cottage cheese), on which a mixture of ingredients such as nopales, cheese, sauce with chili and onion.

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