Why do we always choose the same food for breakfast?

According to science, there are a series of psychological, biological and cultural factors that make us choose every morning forever the same breakfastbefore starting the day. It has to do with elements that go beyond the custom of each society and the choice of its food.

The study that looked at breakfast

The study’s lead author, Romain Cadario, wondered why during the breakfast did not choose the variety, and ate forever a coffee with toast. The assistant professor at Erasmus University in the Netherlands took the question further and decided to determine it scientifically.

I am a French person, I usually look for a lot of variety in the things I eat; this is something that the French gastronomic society values”, warned Cadario. “At the same time, he ate the same breakfast every day. So my co-author and I started talking about that pattern of behavior”.

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When people find an option breakfast they like it, they keep it. This concluded the researchers who evaluated daily eating habits of the United States and France. These are the reasons why we chose forever the same breakfast.

The reasons why breakfast is usually always the same

The people who participated in the study did not choose a wide variety of food at breakfast. The researchers analyzed data from 1,275 American and 2,624 French volunteers, and concluded that 68% of the participants ate the same foods for breakfast at least twice in a week.

However, when those people sat down for lunch or dinner, they expected more variety, and only 9% of people repeated a meal they had already eaten. This is due to three major factors that determine the choice of the same breakfast.

First of all, there are the circadian rhythms, which are regulated by the brain. They are the neurons that are released in order to define the so-called “biological clock”. These neurons make us feel sleepy at night, when it’s dark and more alert when the sun rises, and they are the same ones that govern feeding schedules.

At the beginning of the day, this chemical process makes us more alert and, therefore, the body will feel satisfied with a choice of breakfast practical, without having to think too much.

Second, cultural factors appear. Both in France and in the USA, and in the vast majority of the West, work rhythms prevent taking too much time to make a calm choice of


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As for the psychological, there are two forces in conflict that define the choice of food throughout the day: Pleasure and practicality. At breakfast, the latter predominates, where, early in the day, energy levels are higher and people are more likely to pursue utilitarian goals and make practical decisions.

As the day progresses, the pursuit of pleasure becomes more important, and for this reason, lunches and dinners tend to be more variable and pleasure is pursued. These are the reasons why every morning, your body chooses forever the same food for him


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