Wholemeal pasta salad, a light and nutritious lunch for the summer

For the summer, here is a light and nutritious lunch for the whole family, the wholemeal pasta salad, a dish with multiple benefits and infinite goodness.

Today we will prepare lunch like this: here is Salad of wholemeal pasta, a light and nutritious lunch for the summer, many benefits for a healthy and balanced meal, as well as delicious thanks to the mix of ingredients it is made of.

Wholemeal pasta salad

Like any pasta salad, the preparation time is very minimal, no great experiences in the kitchen are needed, everything will be ready in a few minutes, all you need is the ingredients that will complete the flavor and give the right nutritional contribution. We will flavor the pasta with a delicious tuna pate that we will explain how to obtain in a few minutes, plus black olives, cherry tomatoes and feta, in short, a specialty that you absolutely must try.

For a good and light lunch, follow these directions and it will be a pleasure for the palate

What are you waiting for then? Prepare all the ingredients you need, you will find them in the recipe listed below. Buckle up your apron and let’s get started right away.

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Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking times: 7/8 minutes (depending on the type of pasta chosen)

Ingredients for 4 servings

350 g of wholemeal pasta
200 g of cherry tomatoes
150 g of feta cheese
80 g of pitted black olives
extra virgin olive oil to taste
Salt to taste
pepper as needed
basil to taste

For the pate

10 g of basil
2 anchovies
20 g of pine nuts
150 g of drained tuna
extra virgin olive oil
Salt to taste
pepper as needed
50 g of black olives

Preparation of wholemeal pasta salad

To make this delicious salad, start by placing the pasta in plenty of salted water once it reaches a boil, let it cook for the time indicated on the package which obviously varies depending on the type chosen. Meanwhile, wash carefully and cut the tomatoes in half or wedges and pour them into a bowl aside.

cherry tomatoes
cherry tomatoes

Add the basil, a little oil, salt, pepper and the pitted black olives to the cherry tomatoes. Mix well and keep in the refrigerator until use. In a jug, pour the anchovies, pine nuts, tuna and other ingredients, operate the blender or blender and purée. (adjust the oil by adding it a little at a time, the consistency should be thick and not liquid)

tuna fish
tuna fish

Drain the pasta and pour it into a separate bowl, season it with a little oil and let it cool, then pour it into the cherry tomatoes, add the pitted and sliced ​​black olives, the feta cheese and the paté, mix and serve. Enjoy your meal.

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feta cheese
feta cheese