Who is Santiago Lastra, the chef who recently joined the select group of Mexicans with Michelin stars?

This is another year that looks good for Mexican talent. A few days ago we saw a young Donovan Carrillo make history in the figure skating final of the Winter Olympics, then we learned of the Oscar nominations for the new film by Jalisco director Guillermo del Toro: “El Alley of Lost Souls ”. And now we have to add the integration of yet another chef to the list of Michelin-starred Mexicans: Santiago Lastra that achieves this distinction with its restaurant KOL, in the United Kingdom.

Who is Santiago Lastra?

After two years of operating, the Mexican cuisine restaurant KOL, located in LondonIt has just been recognized with its first Michelin star that accredits it as one of the best restaurants in the world. But, who is the chef behind this project?

Photos: COL

Proudly Mexican, chef Santiago Lastra has traveled the world (about 27 countries) and has worked in professional kitchens since he was 15 years old, working in globally recognized institutions such as the restaurant Mugaritz, from San Sebastian.

He has been a ‘guest chef’ at glamorous restaurants like the “London Tate Modern” me “Sanchez’s daughter” in Copenhagen.

In Mexico, he spearheaded the launch of the restaurant NOMA in Tulumof the norwegian chef Rene Redzepiwhose gastronomic project in Denmark has just been recognized as the Best Restaurant in The 50 best restaurants in the world.

Santiago Lastra, the newest of the Mexicans with Michelin stars, traveled throughout the country researching exquisite quality ingredients produced by small producers. And as he walked, he realized that there were very few examples in the world of authentic Mexican cuisine.

This inspired him to create KOL, which offers a cuisine rooted in tradition, but always evolving and adapting, centered on an understanding of the landscape, culture and people, as described on the restaurant’s own website.

In other words: “Mexican soul, British ingredients”. A phrase that perfectly sums up the research work carried out by chef Santiago Lastra, using wild ingredients and products from the United Kingdom to develop the concepts of authentic national cuisine.

Since he opened the doors of KOL, a couple of years ago, the newest of the Mexican chefs with Michelin stars, he has received different awards within the United Kingdom and internationally, this being, without a doubt, the most outstanding of them.