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Lsalad is one of the most popular dishes of the summer. May it be pasta, seafood, rice or cereals, based on vegetables in leaf, fruit, vegetables or cheese, it is ideal for the hot season. So much so that, according to a Coldiretti / Ixè research, 29% of Italians choose to take it to the beach. But it is also ideal during a mountain outing, including high altitude excursions, trekking and biking. And, regardless of the season, great for an office lunch break. People like it because it is fresh, versatile and easy to prepare. It’s a single, practical and tasty dishwhich combines speed of execution and lightness.

Rich in fiber, friendly to the microbiota

«The salad is full of fibers, very important for the microbiota. They are in fact the favorite food of the good gut bacteria. Unfortunately, however, the tendency is to eat a few: it would be necessary at least 25 grams per day. In addition to providing fiber, the salad provides key nutrients that we often overlook, such as vitamins and minerals. When paired with other foods, it can give you an advantage in terms of absorption. For example, a rice or pasta saladwhich combines carbohydrates with vegetables, has the ability to slow down the absorption of sugars contained in cerealswhich we tend to demonize but which are important if taken correctly, making them absorb slowly “, explains the Professor Luca Pirettagastroenterologist and nutritionist at the Campus Biomedico University of Rome.

Salad and swollen belly

«There is no one food that is suitable for everything. In case of irritable bowel, swollen stomach and bloating, it is better to choose valerian, songino, lettuce or baby lettuce and do pay attention to the quantity overall. If the person presents these problems, it is better not to add legumes to the salad, as fibers, oxalates and fodmap could make the situation worse. In general, you need to have common sense: whoever eats too much vegetables, in this case salad, could have problems with the absorption of some other micronutrientsSuch as calcium and iron. The menopausal women who want to optimize the absorption of the calcium present in milk and cheese they must eat them away from the intake of fiber », continues the expert.

A single dish

“But be careful: let’s not hide behind the term “salad”. There are people who turn to the specialist saying: “I only eat salad and I have gained weight”. There is a big difference between a mixed salad, with julienne lettuce, tomatoes and carrots, and one enriched with tuna, mozzarella and hard-boiled egg. In the latter case, changes the nutritional power, for good and badand we can consider the salad, to all intents and purposes, a single dish », underlines Professor Piretta.

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Salad: how to prepare it with Sonia Peronaci

«Salad certainly does not mean sacrificing taste and pleasure for food. And instead a dish that lends itself to a thousand variations»Explains the food blogger Sonia Peronaci. So here are three fun ideas for the summer. It starts with afregola salad with marinated prawns, swordfish, courgettes, mint and Bitto Dop. The other proposal is: salmone, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, cashews and Valtellina Casera Dop, which enrich the ancient simplicity of spelled. And finally apasta salad with herb emulsion, cherry tomatoes, avocado, crispy chickpeas, olives and Bitto Dop. All recipes inspired by the sea they create an interesting mix of flavors and enhance the great Italian excellence between seas and mountains. A real must of the summer.