Where to eat barbecue in CDMX

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Mexican who respects himself, is a lover of barbecue and although Hidalgo is one of the richest, in CDMX there are several places where you will find taquitos of this meat along with a rich consommé that will help you wake up, get off the hangover or simply start with your whole weekend.

Where to eat barbecue in CDMX

the black sheep

This restaurant has grown over the years and is that they remain faithful to the flavors of Hidalgo, for this reason the barbecue they sell here is one of the best in CDMX. Although the barbecue is the star of the house, they have different delicious dishes, for example, the “Sheep Plate”, this one has chorizo, fresh cheese, pork rinds and guacamole, so you can make some delicious taquitos with their handmade white dough tortillas. or blue.

You can also enjoy hot chocolate accompanied by a sweet bread or a wide selection of desserts to close your visit with a flourish.

Location: Sabino 213 Santa Maria la Rivera 06400 Mexico City, Mexico.

The 3 Kings

In addition to the fact that the barbecue is incredibly rich, the atmosphere and the decoration is typical Mexican, you will feel at home. The sauces they prepare are the perfect complement for you to make taquitos or add to your consommé.

In case you want to start the whole weekend, you can order a michelada to warm up. You will also listen to live northern music to spice up your stay, you can request the songs you want.

Location: Pablo Veronese #12 01460 Mexico City, Mexico.

The hidalguense

This place in CDMX has been selling barbecue to lovers of this Mexican dish for more than 30 years. They prepare it in the mere Hidalgo style, but its success comes from the fact that they themselves are in charge of raising the sheep.

They have handmade blue tortillas and of course the sauces with the ideal heat to accompany your delicious taquitos, the ones you want to eat. The prices are a bit high, so we recommend you ask before you go crazy and order a lot of taquitos.

Location: Campeche 155, Roma Sur, Cuauhtémoc, 06760 Mexico City, CDMX.

Arroyo Restaurant

This restaurant located in Tlalpan will leave you amazed, because not only do they sell a delicious barbecue (which is one of the stars of the house), but it is one of the largest places in CDMX, it has capacity for more than 3 thousand 500 people. and it has an extensive menu, so you can try all the Mexican snacks.

They have coffee-chocholate buffets, country lunches, Mexican snacks, broths and soups, mole, belly, among others.

Do not forget to try their drunk sauce, which contains pulque, it will be the perfect complement for your barbecue taquitos.

Location: Av. Insurgentes Sur 4003, Santa Úrsula Xitla, Tlalpan, CP 14000, Mexico City, CDMX.

Barbecue El Paisano

Here all the supplies come from Tulancingo, Hidalgo, to give you the best service and flavor. The meat is seasoned by expert hands, so you will taste a smooth and delicious barbecue taco. Not to mention the consommé, it has a very homemade touch and you can accompany it with lemon and vegetables.

Although the barbecue is the best thing about the restaurant, they also have carnitas (very tasty), belly, head tacos, sopes, quesadillas, Aztec beans and ranch dishes such as pork rinds, cheese, nopales, escamoles, maguey worms, mixiotes and pulque.

Location: Rabaul 407, A Home for Every Worker, Azcapotzalco, 02060 Mexico City, CDMX.

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