What is the pork seat that gives flavor to Oaxacan food

If there is something that characterizes the kitchen Mexican is that the food is used in its entirety. Nothing is wasted, on the contrary, some of the ingredients that give flavor to Oaxacan dishes are made from the leftovers of other culinary preparations, such as pig seat.

Try the food from oaxaca It is quite an experience, since it has a unique flavor and part of it is due to the process of obtaining the pig seat. And it is not only about a ingredient more than they carry the street snacks, but it is prepared in an artisanal way.

The seat It is the base of dishes made with corn such as tlayudas, memelas, gorditas, tacos, chalupas and tostadas. Although it is typical of the Central Valleys region, in oaxaca you can enjoy its exquisite flavor whenever you want and in the Menu we explain what it is made of

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This is how you get the pork seat in Oaxaca

The pig seat is basically a Edible fat. But it is distinguished from butter from its taste to its use. The Larousse Kitchen dictionary defines it as the fried foods or bits that are left over from the preparation of carnitas and pork rinds.

Surely you have seen the deep saucepans where pork rinds are fried, it is right at the bottom where the fat and the straws that, although they seemed useless, in oaxaca they are used to give a different flavor to the food.

The crop, the nana, viscera, skins and even the kidneys of the pig are cooked in their own fat. When left to rest, the remains become “biuses”, which are also consumed as a snack and you can find them more easily in the municipality of Zaachila.

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The leftovers left over from preparing the biuses are called “yolo” and are ground together with the fritters that come off the chicharrón with a little butter to give it a soft consistency. Then they are passed through a manual mill and as a result the paste known as seat.

Its flavor is well worth the 4 hours of preparation that it takes to form the pig seat. That is why it continues to be part of the culinary heritage among bacon makers from oaxaca that everyone who visits the state must try.

The pig seat It is a dark brown greasy and has remains of the fried foods, so it is perfect to add a different consistency to the tlayudas once the beans are smeared.

How to use the pork seat in your dishes?

Usually the pig seat It gives a superficial flavor to popular appetizers, that is, it is added on top of other base ingredients such as beans or cheese. Then you must place the stew with which you will accompany the corn tortilla. So you can take advantage of pig seat for different meals.

To preserve it and give it a later use, you must store it in a metal container at a cold temperature, this will help keep it in good condition for up to 1 month.