What is the origin of chilaquiles? Discover the history of this Mexican dish

The Chilaquiles are that Mexican dish that everyone likes, the combination of tortillas, sauce and accessories is perfect to start morning or even for any time of the day, since they are so popular that they look good at any time, so this time we will tell you where chilaquiles come from and what their originfor you to know improve this Mexican delicacy.

What are chilaquiles?

The Chilaquiles its about pop corn bathed in saucetraditionally accompanied with cream, cheese and onionalthough this version could be considered as the standard, you can add all kinds of ingredients above, ranging from chicken, egg even chorizo ​​and even other dishes such as cochinita; there are soft and crispyand all this depends on the taste of the person who is preparing them, that’s how versatile they are.