What is the favorite food of Russians? In this place in CDMX you can meet her

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The Mexico City and Moscow, the capital of Russiaare more than 10,700 kilometers away, although you don’t have to go that far to try Russian food, since the restaurant kolobok offers a wide variety of dishes, desserts and even alcoholic beverages, such as the traditional vodka.

Kolobok is a restaurant that was founded in 2001thanks to Olga and the leonov family set up a Russian empanada stand outside the Center for Foreign Languages ​​of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), thanks to their success they opened a store in Santa María la Ribera and have been able to set up a whole chain of restaurants in just over 20 years.

The Russian food restaurant in CDMX It has an extensive menu, where the traditional empanadas stand out. belyash and kabureshboth are meat and prepared in the pan. The place also has savory and sweet empanadas that incorporate ingredients from Mexican cuisine, such as Oaxaca cheese.

The Borsch soup It is one of the most traditional dishes in Russia and can be found in Kolobok, it has beef, beets, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions and cream; the local clarifies that although this dish has dozens of variations, they have “the ideal recipe.”

Borsh Soup is one of the traditional dishes of Russia (Kolobok)

For the main course, the place has a wide selection of dishes with salmon, pork and chicken, for example: the chicken kyivthat a breast stuffed with parsley butter and in a crispy crust, accompanied by mashed potatoes or spaghetti, can also go with rice or salad.

Medovik or honey cake, according to Kolobok, is the most famous dessert in Russia and, although they do not provide the ingredients, it costs 95 pesos per slice. To drink, the place has traditional drinks (non-alcoholic) such as Compote (a Russian dried fruit punch) and the Yeast (a fermented bread drink).

Naturally, the Russian restaurant has a wide assortment of vodkas, although they also serve coffee, beers (such as baltic), white and red wine, apart from other alcoholic beverages such as clericot.

Chicken kyiv is another of the typical dishes offered in Kolobok.

Kolobok branches are found in the following colonies: SSanta María la Ribera, Escandón, Napolés, Polanco and Letrán Valley. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of face masks is essential, in addition to taking the temperature of diners before entering.

What other Russian dishes do they serve?

  • Homemade soup (Lapsha)
  • vegetarian borsch soup
  • Rasolnik soup
  • Grilled salmon with mushrooms
  • Salmon brochettes
  • Shashlyk (pork skewers)
  • Gulyash (meat tips)