What is mextlapique and how is it used in Mexican gastronomy? here we tell you

Mexican cuisine is one of the most varied that can exist in the world. Perhaps it is not as ancient as the Chinese or the Indian, but it has its history, it does and the truth is, it gives a lot of pride to talk about it and even more so, to eat it. However, despite the fact that we Mexicans like to sink our teeth into everything that comes our way, because we do not always know all or at least most of the cymbals nationals.

There are foods that have an entire ancestral tradition, which we rarely know, because we do not live in every corner of the country to know some customs local. Reason why you are and the food sometimes they remain anonymous. But fortunately, now that we have been trending for a few years with the magical towns and with many people interested in them, some of the classic dishes of the places have come to light.