What is Jackfruit or Jackfruit? Here we tell you everything about this exotic fruit

To get to know the variety of fruits and vegetables in Mexico, you don’t have to go very far. It is enough to enter the markets or street markets of the place where we live, because believe it or not, in these stalls we can find the usual and even what we never thought possible that it even existed or that we could enjoy, as is the case of the fruits exotic, that have arrived in Mexico thanks to globalization, which has brought us both specimens and seeds to grow them here.

It is no secret that foreigners are surprised to see the gastronomic wealth that exists in Mexico. In fact, some influencers have recorded their reactions when tasting both the food and the beverages and of course the fruits. All with separate videos, because each of those foods, they can be enjoyed separately because there is a wide variety of them. just with the fruitwe could have breakfast, lunch and dinner a different one.