What is cake design? Meeting with Juliane and Aaliyah, two entrepreneurs from Montluçon (Allier)

Without the confinement of October 2020, Juliane Reyt would probably not have launched her business. At least not so soon. “I had just left school and I was working in a restaurant in Clermont-Ferrand, in the pastry shop. I found myself with nothing, ”says the 22-year-old Montluçonnaise.

Orders every weekend for Juliane Reyt

In February 2021, she set up her company Best for Hunger. In one year, it went from being a micro-enterprise to a sole proprietorship. That works. Orders for designer cakes, these cakes decorated with sugar paste, fall “every weekend”.

Handbags, unicorn, she can do it all. But since this week and until June, Juliane Reyt is on break. Time to finish the work of his future laboratory, which will be in Villebret. A place where she can deal calmly with requests.

How to stand out on social media

Cake design, a rather Anglo-Saxon concept, has become very popular in France. In the Montluçon sector, there are several cake designers who appear on social networks, with creations for birthdays, weddings, baptisms, gender reveal. Those moments when parents learn the gender of their future child by cutting a cake.Juliane Reyt is the head of her company Best for Hunger. (Photo Florian Salesse)

To stand out from the competition, Juliane Reyt first relies on the quality of her products:

I use free-range eggs, quality chocolate, fair trade vanilla pods…

A bachelor’s degree from the Ducasse school in Haute-Loire

The pastry chef can also highlight her prestigious training. In 2020, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in French pastry after three years at the National School of Pastry, in Yssingeaux (Haute-Loire). It’s the Ducasse school, synonymous with excellence in France and abroad. “We learn pastry, but also chocolate, confectionery, and a whole business management aspect,” she explains. “I also passed my pastry CAP, as a free candidate. »

Nothing destined her for this environment. “Too few people know about their passion”, regrets Juliane Reyt who had the chance to discover it as a teenager with her first attempts for friends:

It’s the wow effect that I love. We have the image of a beautiful cake, but not necessarily good. I want to break this. Everything is possible, respecting the seasons. I’m not going to use strawberries now for example!

Aaliyah Alonso, self-taught, from appetizer to dessert

Aaliyah Alonso does not display the same CV as Juliane Reyt, but overflows with the same desire to do well. This 28-year-old Commentry girl started there a year ago.

And to cope with the growing activity of Aaliyah’s Sweets, she is in the process of installing a kitchen adjoining her dwelling house. “It should be ready in May,” she says. “I started out for fun, making birthday cakes. I didn’t think I would improve so quickly,” smiles Aaliyah Alonso.

Self-taught, she learned everything through tutorials on the Internet. His first creation is the front of a Volskwagen combi. And lately, she integrated a figurine, a fox, into a birthday cake:

A year ago, I never thought I would. I spend hours there, sometimes even nights, to deliver as fresh as possible.

Eventually, the goal is to pass the pastry CAP, as a free candidate. For now, she officiates as a caterer. “I can prepare dishes from appetizer to dessert. What also comes back to me is that my cakes are light compared to what people expect from sugar paste. I try to make it as thin a layer as possible, so that everyone can eat it without being sickened. »This cake will be tasted this Saturday, March 19. (Photo Florian Salesse)

What also sets it apart it is its preparation: it is halal. Pork gelatin is replaced by beef gelatin or agar agar.

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