What is a martajada sauce?; we tell you all about this Mexican delicacy

Mexico It is a country that would not be understood in the same way without chili, because it is a food that is almost as important as corn and we honestly love it. It will sound very cliche or not, but the truth is that “if you can’t stand the Chileit’s because you’re not Mexican”, has more points in favor than against. Particularly because it is something that we learn to eat since we are very childrenbecause our parents approach us to him in different ways.

Today, hardly any Mexican conceive those chips fries without saucethose skittes without chili powder, whatever the one that itches or the one that doesn’t or that noodle soup without chilies in vinegar, which are particularly the ones that add a little flavor to that or even to the Beans and even the egg, which also goes well with the chipotle or with the tree sauce. There is variety and we would be wrong to reject all its types.