What happened between Erik Rubín and Apio Quijano

the glances were stolen during a presentation of the 90s pop tour where it seemed they were about to Kiss.

What happened between Apio Quijano and Erik Rubín?

Quijano Celerymember of kabahis on tour with Erik Rubin in it 90s pop touras we pointed out previously. On this tour, singers from different emblematic groups of the decade interact with each other. So it was the turn of the member of the Mexican group together with the husband of Andrea Legarreta. Although this is a regular part of the show, no one expected what would happen.

According to videos recorded by attendees of the show held in Veracruz, the singers got very close, as if they were going to give each other a hug, but instead, their faces were super close to each other: as if they were going to kiss.

The public, of course, noticed this situation and began to get excited. Celery and Erik interrupted the moment with some dance steps, although they continued close to each other.

Erik Rubin he continued to approach other members of Kabah with whom he also danced; however, the internet was responsible for viralizing the moment through various just such and hashtags.

For example, “The new romance of the #90sPopTour with #ErikRubín and #ApioQuijano has already been put together”, “how quiet they had it”, among other expressions from the public.

Images: YouTube Screenshots

So far, neither of the two involved has said anything about it, although Andrea Legarreta He already spoke on the subject in a broadcast of the Hoy program where he explained that there is nothing more between the two singers.

For her part, the driver focused on celebrating the 22 years of marriage she has been with Erik Rubin. She commemorated it through a beautiful post on Instagram:

Image: Instagram @andrealegarreta

In the long caption he included, Andrea thanked Erik Rubin for the learning and path traveled for more than two decades together. celebrities like Celina Del Villar They were congratulated for this achievement.

For its part, Quijano Celery combines his artistic career with teaching holistic subjects. Regarding his personal life, he has said that he does not rule out having a child with a woman.

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