What does tatemar mean and what are its benefits? We tell you all about this technique in the kitchen

if you have done Mexican food Surely you have put into practice once the technique of the tatemadothis is a way of to cook the food very Mexican and it is also a necessary process in many of the typical recipes of the gastronomy of the country, but do you really know what it means roast and Benefits has on your food? We will explain to you above all this culinary technique.

What is the tatemado?

The tatemado is a technique consisting of roast either roast slightly the food to the embersto the comal or directly the firethis will drastically change the area from our foodgiving you new features and is essential in Mexican Kitchenhis character traditional has made it a technique that is handed down in a practical way from generation to generation, so your mom or grandma probably showed it to you.