What can I do for a healthy breakfast? Check out these savory crepe options

The breakfasts They can be a real issue, on a large number of occasions, because they tend to bore us with the constant consumption of eggs. Many times, we have alluded to the fact that today a large number of options can be made with oatmeal, which, in addition to being really healthy, also turn out to be extremely delicious and a great option for all the people who eat them.

Precisely, one of the best options we have today, without a doubt those are the pancakesbut not just any kind of pancakesbecause just as we mentioned a while ago, there is a oatmeal pancake version which can save you at all times and help you have an extremely rich option in the morning. In addition to this, today, we bring you two extremely special options, because they will be based on oatmeal pancakesbut in salty versions.