What are tlayudas and how is this Mexican appetizer prepared?

Lto Mexican gastronomy It is one of the richest in the world and one of the dishes that stands out are the tlayudas, typical food of the state of Oaxaca and which has drawn attention during the inauguration of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA). But what is a tlayuda, what ingredients does it contain and how is it prepared?

What is the tlayuda?

The word Tlayuda is of Nahuatl origin. It comes from ‘tlao-li’, which means “shelled corn”, and the suffix ‘uda’, which means abundance. In gastronomic terms, tlayudas are one of the typical dishes of the state of Oaxaca and are distinguished by their size.

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How many types of tlayudas are there?

Every tlayuda is made up of a corn tortilla 30 centimeters in diameter, a seat base, beans, cheese and cabbage. It also usually has beef jerky, cecina enchilada and/or chorizo, as well as lettuce, onion, cilantro, tomato and avocado.

There are tlayudas that also contain grasshoppers, escamoles or nopales; in other establishments they offer them with steak, chicken, flank steak and even suadero.

How much does a tlayuda cost?

The price of the tlayudas varies according to the establishments. In the Oaxacan markets can be found from 50 Mexican pesos the classic tlayuda, while in restaurants they usually exceed 100 Mexican pesos.

How to prepare tlayudas at home?

The easiest way to prepare Oaxacan tlayudas at home is buying the tortillas already made, because as we mentioned the size is much larger than the classic ones and it is the distinctive of this saucer. You can find them online or in traditional markets in Mexico.

Once we have them, we muddy the seat, the beans, we put cheese and cabbage, in addition to our previously cooked protein (tasajo, cecina enchilada, etc). You can accompany it with your favorite ingredients.


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