What are the only 3 fruits that I can eat for dinner?

Dinner time arrives and you don’t know what you can do to yourself. Pulling fruit is the easy part, but although many people do not know it, not all fruits are totally recommended to eat in the last hours of the day. You know why? Well, we are going to explain it to you in this article and we are going to differentiate which ones can be an exception, in small portions, so that we can go to bed without much problem.

Dinner is conditioned to the fact that everything we eat must be easily digested in our digestive tract. But there are fantastic options to make it work perfectly.

The pyramid of our food should always point to the healthy point of nutrients, which is where all the supply of vitamins or protein that food can give us.

Our microbiota fully benefits from this, that is, the set of microorganisms that fight against the bad bacteria in the intestine and enhance the good ones.

Why is it not entirely advisable to eat fruit for dinner?

No one can or can tell you that some fruit is not healthy or for dinner. Discard that idea, because it’s not real and it’s hoaxes. What is certain is that it is more advantageous in another time slot.

Why? Well, for a health reason that you will understand right away: if we eat certain fruits before going to sleep, we can increase our blood sugar level.

There are some fruits that we should allocate more for breakfast and lunch than for dinner for a reason that concerns our digestive health

And that is not a good idea knowing that what we want is to rest, so be careful if we are people with diabetes in this sense because we should not ignore that fact.

Then both in the morning, as well as for lunch and an afternoon snack, we should not find any problem, because there will be time for the blood glucose levels stabilize until we sleep.

That opens another melon, never better said, that people usually comment little on but that is present in your diet: if you increase your blood sugar level, you will whet your appetite.

So it is not a good idea to abuse dinner and if we eat any fruit we may want to continue eating several. Beyond fructose.

What are the 3 fruits that I can have for dinner?

Now, as we said at the beginning, there are some fruits that are more than beneficial for our intestinal flora before going to sleep:

As you can see, they are easily accessible fruits that will help you not only give a fresh bite to a healthy food, since they are low in calories and sugar, but they also have a differentiating factor.

And it is that both have that satiating power that we talked about before. Above all, the apple, while the pear and the melon have a large amount of water.