What are Peruvian cachangas? Here we tell you and teach you how to prepare them

It is always good to internationalize our palate and the truth is that in terms of dessertsthey don’t have to tell us twicewell our mouth is always willing to try New flavorsbecause that opens doors to new experiences and sensations that we probably hadn’t even imagined. Eat cymbals OR international desserts it is practically like going on a trip and as we know that a flight is more expensive than the ingredients from kitchenWell, what better way to get into the kitchen?

The truth is that the gastronomy It’s a whole world apart from the one we inhabit and all over the planet desserts, soups, stews and other dishes, which are extremely memorablebecause they are a great reflection of the culture of the country from origin. And it is that with local ingredientsalong with others that can be found anywhere, great creations can arise, that you could not even imagine. And it is that many times we already know backwards and forwards the recipes from our countries, but not those from abroad.