What are healthy salad dressings: They don’t make you fat

To dress your salad, you should use these amazing dressings that not only don’t make you fat, but are also packed with benefits.

Salad Plate (Photo by msqrd for Pixabay)


The salad it is one of the most loved side dishes by Italians: with this particular fruit and vegetable product, it is possible to prepare delicious dishes.

There are many varieties on the market: lettuce, hooded, iceberg and valerian are probably the best known.

Their strong point is certainly represented by availability (you can find them easily at the supermarket or at the greengrocer’s) and from price, significantly lower than other types of vegetables.

Highly recommended in diets, they can easily accompany both meat and fish dishes.

Salads tend to bring very few calories: among the largest consumers we find those who want to lose weight and those who play sports.

The main problem with salads is related to seasonings which are often nutritionally incorrect. Let’s see together what the toppings are healthier and especially those that bring countless benefits.

What are the healthiest salad dressings – they bring tons of benefits!

With salads, sometimes real calorie bombs are prepared, adding to the vegetable leaves also condiments that are not exactly ideal for those who want to lose weight. The list of the best toppings is certainly amazing.


Lemons (Image by 11977 for Pixabay)
  • There dried fruit it is quite advantageous from many points of view: it will make your salad tastier. They provide not only unprecedented flavor, but also fiber that improves the digestion phase.
  • L‘extra virgin olive oil it is an excellent condiment: rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, it increases good cholesterol and helps the intestine with its laxative power. A small spoon is enough to take on many excellent substances such as antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols.
  • THE Chia seeds they are also included in the superfood category. They provide omega 3 and omega 6 fats and reduce the risk of heart problems. They also provide fiber that is excellent for digestion.
  • The lemon juice it is probably the most used salad dressing: nothing more correct. This particular citrus fruit is rich in vitamin C and promotes the body’s absorption of iron and calcium, two very precious minerals from many points of view.
  • Me too’apple cider vinegar is very popular: Rich in minerals such as phosphorus, sulfur, iron and magnesium, it is an ally of the heart and especially of the immune system. It also has high levels of pectin, essential for lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood.
What are healthy salad dressings
Nuts (Photo by NickyPe for Pixabay)

As far as salt is concerned, the latter should not be demonized at all but the problem is that the doses are always wrong. Often and willingly, in salads, you put too many grams and you risk turning a fantastic dish into an unhealthy one.