What are and how are the snacks of Oaxaca prepared?

During the inauguration of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (

) caught the attention of a long line of people looking to buy tlayudas, What are they and how these particular tortillas originating from oaxaca.

Although it became common for Mexican dishes to be part of the menu offered by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) at special events, the vendor of tlayudas assured that he requested permission to sell on the premises and did not hesitate to accept the opportunity to sell this typical dish from oaxaca.

What does tlayudas mean, typical of Oaxaca?

The name of tlayudas It comes from the Nahuatl “tlao-li”, which means shelled corn, complemented by the suffix “uda”, which denotes abundance.

The tlayudas They are a typical dish from the center of oaxacamade with a corn tortilla 30 centimeters in diameter, in addition to beans or meat, either, jerky, chorizo, cecina, quesillo and avocado.

Although there are currently also tlayudas of chapulines, escamoles, even those that contain only nopales and that are sold in a smaller tortilla, the latter are common in the center of Mexico City (CDMX),

The tlayudas they are a food known for their size and flavor, plus they are not classified as quesadillas or tacos.

The tlayudas they are produced mainly in Zapotec indigenous communities, mostly women, who are dedicated to grinding the corn with which the tlayudasto later on the metate and the comal put the base of the tlayudas.

The Other Mexico: La Tlayuda

The tlayudas are a source of Mexican history and identity, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, even in 2010 it was part of the dishes of oaxaca which were declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Also the tlayudas they were recently recognized as the favorite dish in all of Latin America, through a

which was made through social networks by a streaming platform on Street Food.