Wetherspoons chef lays out pub’s ’10-minute goal’ for famous breakfast


A former Wetherspoons chef claims to have finally answered the secret of how JD Wetherspoon gets his famous breakfasts to tables so cheaply and quickly.

The chain of pubs, affectionately known as ‘Spoons to many, is known for its cheap deals and quick service, but has left some question marks over the quality of the food served.

Now, Channel 5 has taken a closer look at the pub chain’s cooking practices in its documentary, Wetherspoon: How do they do it?

One of the defining characteristics of the popular chain has been its decision to open early, offering cheap breakfast to customers across the UK.

Wetherspoons is famous for its quick and cheap breakfasts (Image: Jonathan Hipkiss/Birmingham Mail) Read more related articles Read more related articles

Released in 2002, the documentary claimed that the offering had become so popular that Spoons changes approximately 1,000 breakfasts a week.

“With a traditional full English costing as little as £3.49, you might be wondering how they do it,” the narrator said.

“The answer is volume, buying in bulk means they can get ingredients cheaply. Still, to make a good profit, they have to sell as many breakfasts as possible.

The documentary was heard by a former chef, who had worked as a kitchen manager at Wetherspoons for three years, and described the speed of the organization as a “military operation”.

And, he also delved into the objectives that the workers set for themselves.

JD Wetherspoon has approximately 900 outlets across the UK (Image: Getty Images)

“They had a computer screen in the corner and a timer between one and ten minutes. If it goes past ten minutes, the ticket will turn red, which means you’re missing the mark,” he explained.

“We were always aiming for less than ten minutes.”

As for the food itself, the chef admitted that some compromises had to be made to get the orders to the tables so quickly.

“A lot of it comes frozen, including sausages, hash browns. The bacon actually comes precooked and is heated on a grill. The baked beans obviously come in a can, everything is heated in a microwave,” she stated.

Although the pub chain’s prices are already lower than many of its competitors, there are also a number of ways to cut costs when dining at one of the brand’s 900 outlets, including coffee refills. and club nights.

A former chef claimed the pub set ten-minute time limits for breakfasts to be served.

The Daily Star contacted Wetherspoons for comment, with the pub chain replying: “Our aim is for all meals ordered by customers to be delivered within 10 minutes. This is to ensure that all customers are served promptly. Good food, served quickly is one of the things customers have come to expect from us over the years.

“We have screens in the kitchen to show the kitchen team all the food ordered. They also help monitor our 10-minute benchmark, but the kitchen team isn’t penalized if they don’t meet it. Our pubs fill up and sometimes it is impossible to do so.

“Some of our food is delivered frozen, but the quality is not compromised.

“For example, our hash browns are from McCains with British potatoes. Our sausages are made using our own recipe for Lincolnshire sausages.

“Wetherspoon switched to pre-cooked bacon in 2011 as it is easier to handle for food safety reasons in a busy kitchen.”

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