Virginia Troconis detox breakfast with which to get an immediate shot of vitamins

Virginia Troconis starts each day with a lot of energy thanks to the detox shake she drinks every morning. A very simple and quick recipe to prepare. We have the recipe!

Virginia Troconis loves to take care of herself, there is no doubt about that. The wife of Manuel Díaz ‘El Cordobés’ has shared through her official Instagram profile the exercise routine she performs daily, something that she combines with a healthy diet and a series of the most innovative aesthetic treatments and with which she puts Knit your body for summer. The model has undergone a lymphatic drainage with which “it aims to detoxify the body” and “improve the elimination of liquids”. In addition, the appearance of your skin will improve thanks to this massage. Virginia is full of surprises and has also shown all her followers on social networks what is the first food you eat as soon as you get out of bed.

While Irene Rosales loves to delight herself with some whole-grain toast with oil and a coffee with milk, Nuria Roca loves to start the day with a delicious breakfast in which she mixes spreadable cheese with avocado, raspberries and other seasonal fruits . There are many options to start the day with energy and Virginia Troconis has published her quintessential detox shakea food that charges your batteries 100%. And it’s his favourite!

Virginia Troconis takes care of her line to the fullest and every morning she prepares a homemade juice with which she manages to eliminate impurities and toxins… And it is super fast and very easy to make. To the blender and voila! “Vitamin shot. My favorite juice. Celery, ginger, cucumber, green apple and Unique Green Collagen“, The influencer has written without being able to contain the grains of taking it.

Virginia Troconis’ favorite detox juice.

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In addition, one of the best kept secrets of this smoothie is the apple flavored collagena food supplement that combats the effects caused by excesses in food and even heavy digestion.

Virginia is a woman of routines and sport has also become a fundamental part of her daily life. Every time she practices it she feels like a new and renewed woman: “Even if it costs, never doubt. You can, look for inspiration”.