VIRAL VIDEO: Tiktoker desta controversy between Mexican and Peruvian food, saying which is better

The social media they have become much more than just a means to express themselves, they have also managed to generate a large number of debates, among people, because there are many who tend not to agree with the same point of view. This of course has divided people between those who are for and those who are against various opinions. However one of the topics that has generated great controversy, without a doubt, that has been the defend their countries.

Something that characterizes all Latin countries is that they are usually quite intense and defenders of their beliefs, cultures and food. Precisely this type of situation is what brings us here today, because they have begun to buy the Mexican gastronomy with the Peruvian That’s right, it turns out that the controversy was generated by a tiktoker by name gringo_marc, who highlighted that the peruvian food can be much better than mexican.