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Older adults are very excited to see the family together, especially their grandchildren, on such a special date as their birthday. However, in most cases it does not happen and when it does happen it is an indescribable feeling. A clear example of this can be seen in the following video. viral in TikTokwhere the great protagonist is a grandfather.

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As any grandson would have done, Diego Aldrete invited his grandfather to breakfast for his birthday to talk about family and life. The older adult accepted without imagining the surprise that the young man had prepared and that he kept under lock and key.

What are we talking about? The tiktoker got in touch with all the grandchildren and thus surprise grandfather, who had not seen them for a long time and had even lost hope. However, Diego achieved what seemed impossible and the older adult’s face says it all: full happiness.

The old man was expecting a very normal breakfast with Diego, but his surprise was great when he saw his 11 grandchildren gathered at the table — supposedly separate. The video quickly went viral on the TikTok platform and generated various comments about it.

“What a beautiful detail”, “Enjoy it to the fullest. It is a blessing to still have it”, “How blessed they are”, are some of the publications that are read. Grandpa took a souvenir postcard after the surprise breakfast for his birthday. The event took place in Mexico.

What is a viral video?

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A viral video can have various types of content, ranging from the humorous to the tragic, and although in some cases, it could hurt susceptibilities, it can reach a large number of views in a short time.

How many views does it take for a video to go viral?

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