video caused laughter on Instagram

While he continues to recover from some falls that kept him off the roads for a few days, the Colombian cyclist Rigoberto Urán has taken the opportunity to share with his family ad portas what will be his presence at the Tour of Switzerland at the beginning of June.

As usual, the man from Antioquia used his social networks to show a curious situation that he lives with his daughter Carlota, with whom he has shared moments that have aroused some controversy, like others that have caused the tenderness of his followers.

One of the most remembered images of the “Toro de Urrao” with his little daughter was when he took her on a bicycle, arguing that this was her first training session. However, and given the rejection that there was in the networks, the rider apologized and assured that he would never put his daughter at risk again.

Since then, the EF Education-EasyPost runner has been seen with his daughter in several publications, but in totally different environments.

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This happened in the last few hours on his Instagram account, where he published a video in which shows the strategy you have to implement so that your little girl receives her breakfast.

“Look guys what you have to do sometimes for this girl to receive me breakfast, what a wild thing. He has to bring her to the motorcycle, give her food on the motorcycle, but with the motorcycle on her because wherever she turns it off she starts crying. There if the girl has breakfast, there if she eats. From time to time I do, see [acelera la moto]Ave Maria”, I explain initially.

While he was showing his followers how his daughter received food, he did not hide his amazement at the “interest” that the little girl had in the motorcycle.

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“Come on, let’s keep eating, my love. It’s over now, see. We are giving him some blueberries, pure pancake, right away ‘sanduchito’ and milk. The milk is given by the mother because I don’t get milk, where it came out I would give it. What a boor interest, huh? What a bollard interest, ”she concluded.

Here, the video titled “I got a gas station”: