Video. Belinda “sells” Oaxacan tamales during the red carpet in Spain

the visit of Belinda for Spain to promote the new series of Netflix, welcome to edencontinues to be talked about and was recently harshly criticized for making statements about her origins in a Spanish radio program, Mega Star FMwhere she assured that she is Spanish and feels happy to return home.

However, although she is Spanish, having lived in Mexico left her with great teachings and one of them was to appreciate Mexican food and especially Oaxacan food.

During the red carpet of the Platinum AwardsBelinda was questioned by the media and that was where she confirmed that wherever she goes she will always defend Mexico and the Mexican dubbing, the above after appearing in a famous program in the European country, where she imitated the spanish dubbing which made those present laugh.

Photo: Taken Instagram Belindapop

“They can’t imitate us Mexicans with the voice of ‘man, the mariachi,’ well no. Each one has their personality and Mexico is Mexico, I will always defend it until the last day of my life”, declared the singer of Light without gravity in the interview broadcast by the program First hand.

After confirming that Spain is her current home and that she will stay in that country for some time, the also actress stressed that one of the things she misses the most is the Oaxacan tamales in the morning and listen to the voices of the vendors.

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“What I miss the most being here in Spain is that voice, in the mornings, which is ‘Oaxaqueño tamales, warm tamales’, oh, I want to hear that voice, I miss it!’ They do not know how I miss it, that wonderful part that only Mexico has, but how I want some Oaxacan tamales, “he reaffirmed with laughter from the entertainment reporters.

It is not the first time that she mentions Oaxaca, since a few years ago during an interview, the singer claimed to speak Oaxacan since supposedly “her girls” spoke that language a lot, however, she was severely criticized at the time.

Belinda in Spain

The singer assured that she expects new projects, among which her collaboration with Ana Mena, a Spanish actress and singer, who also participates in the new Spanish Netflix series, stands out.

The video that is already viral was published by the entertainment program of Image Televisionwhere they informed the followers of Belinda an exclusive interview of the singer with Monica Noguerawho made the recordings after the Platinum Awards, where the actress stood out along with Alvaro Morte, actor of The Money Heist.


Photo: Taken Instagram belindapop