Vicky Foods appreciates the effort of the packaging sector in recent turbulent years

Nearly 100 professionals attended the event held at the international group’s innovation center

Intercompany Drafting05/13/2022

The international food holding company Vicky Foods, which celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2022, has transferred its packaging challenges and strategies in a new edition of the Container and Packaging Innovation Cluster Breakfasts. The event took place on this occasion at the company’s own Innovation Center in Villalonga (Valencia), with the presence of nearly 100 professionals. This new Cluster Breakfast has been financed by the Ministry of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Labor of the Generalitat Valenciana.

The international firm has transferred its challenges in a new breakfast of the Packaging Innovation Cluster.

In the opening speech, the CEO of Vicky Foods, Rafael Juan, thanked the effort and collaboration of the sector in these last two years, which have been a real roller coaster, which now with the war in Ukraine has taken a turn of the screw more if possible. Likewise, Rafael Juan has shown the company’s willingness to carry out any project and establish contact, since business collaboration is the basis of innovation. At this point, he has added that we seek to complement the innovation that we carry out from this center every day with external collaboration to add talent.

Packaging challenges

To present the challenges of Vicky Foods, the director of the Vicky Foods packaging plant, Francisco Olaso, has intervened. He has highlighted as the main keys the need to use flexible technologies, agility in the service and throughout the supply chain, respect for the environment and efficiency at all levels.

In this sense, Francisco Olaso highlighted that in ten years the number of references has tripled, for example in film packaging, and that distribution brands seek to personalize their products more and more, which is why we need very flexible technologies to carry out print runs. very short packaging and in a very short space of time.

It has also detailed the complexity of managing the number of containers with which the company works and the need to have a fluid relationship with the supplier. As an example, Vicky Foods in 2021 used 125 million bags of sliced ​​bread, 3 million kilos of polypropylene, 73 million boxes of corrugated cardboard and 37 million PET trays.

environmental objectives

Likewise, another of the great challenges is to make a business compatible with the preservation of the environment, where the strategic objective of reducing its carbon footprint by up to 21% by the year 2025 stands out. Dulcesol brand with biodegradable packaging, reduce plastic materials and cardboard by redesigning packaging. As an example, the representative of the firm has spoken of the case of the brguer bread bags, which by simply changing the top loop of the container have managed to reduce the material used by 20%.

Also, another challenge is to incorporate all corrugated cardboard and cardboard with the FSC seal of sustainable forests, as well as manage the reuse of all cardboard waste in the company itself.

Finally, Olaso highlighted that after the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, all the prices of cardboard, film or energy have skyrocketed, forcing us to be more efficient, forcing us to be imaginative to see where costs can be saved. .

Lastly, the companies Creaprint, Grabalfa and Cartonajes Gamoy also took part in the Breakfast to present themselves as new companies associated with the Packaging Innovation Cluster. Likewise, the director of the Packing and Packaging Cluster, Jess Prez, explained the agenda for the coming months, where a digitization day for next May 12, the presence at the Hispack fair and the celebration on June 10 of the delivery ceremony of the XIII Packaging Awards.

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