Vibrate New Orleans: in the Old Tampico

TAMPICO, TAMAULIPAS.- Little New Orleans is the result of a dream of two enterprising women from southern Tamaulipas, Yunni Balderas and Cinthia Galvan.

At 208 Colòn Street, in the downtown area of ​​Tampico, this dream, they tell us, can be perceived through the senses of visitors, with the tasting of their traditional dishes based on the mixture of Cajun cuisine and with a little inspiration from Mexican cuisine.

The place is a window through its architecture, decoration of its interior spaces to discover in the 21st century that old, cosmopolitan and unique tampico that disappeared over the years.

That city that took with it those jazz performers that once delighted the public in southern Tamaulipas.

“I think that diversity, culinary, musical, that universality that the Port of Tampico had, is reflected in every corner and is a connection with New Orleans, intermingles in a single story” says Yuni Balderas, chef, musician, businesswoman and creator of the concept, together with Cinthia Galvan.

Little New Orleans started out as a café in the Lower Riverside building in 2015.

“The Jazz Bar restaurant concept is an idea that I have had since I was 17 years old and the time came when it was already in our hands to make it happen with the capital in our hands to be able to undertake. The idea was also to do it in the downtown area of ​​Tampico. It was not planned to be held anywhere else in the city. We are Tampico. I am a musician, chef and also a businesswoman, and finally everything goes hand in hand. First I had it as a personal idea and later I shared it with Cinthia, she is my right hand”, says Yunni Balderas.

However, they did not stop looking for the opportunity to fulfill the dream of having an old house, just as they had planned at the beginning of the project.

“When we started, we were in a local, here in the “Ribera” building. At that time, according to our economic possibilities, it was in the right measure. Something small but that fulfilled the original idea”, says Balderas.

Shortly after, Cinthia recalls, they began to search for buildings, premises or sites that could meet the proposal and finally, very close to the former Hotel Ribera, they found the place they currently occupy for rent.

“The original idea was to settle in an old house. Suddenly we saw that they put this place up for rent and we moved, because it complied with that approach. An old house, in which we could recreate the Tampico of the last century”.

The restaurant is known in the southern Tamaulipas metropolitan area for preparing New Orleans-style seafood.

Cinthia Galvan reveals that the dishes are made based on the original recipe that mixes Cajun and Creole cuisine.
Specialties are barbecue Schrimp , Seafood Platter , blackened Fish.

Little New Orleans is also distinguished by the Beignets.

A dessert that is served in three rectangular and spongy pieces.

It is a very famous dish in New Orleans, and it is very famous and requested by diners from all over the world.
In the southern zone, they explain that there are consumers who come solely and exclusively to enjoy this delicacy, says Balderas.

This delicacy, as they describe it, can be found at the “Dumont” café, accompanied by coffee and even with champagne.

The decoration of Little New Orleans began with the installation of antique furniture and was in charge of Angèlica Rosales, mother of Yunni Balderas.

The first pieces of furniture, he explains, were obtained indirectly through people who were not in his social circle.

“A friend says, for example, that he knew a person who had a table, a dining room, an old room, a painting and thus each of the items that are now part of our business were incorporated. Each one by itself tells a story”, says Cinthia.

By José Luis Rodríguez Castro / La Razón