Very fresh salmon salad to be prepared with only 5 euros: it is really delicious

Have fun preparing a delicious salmon salad starting from just 5 euros: perfect for the beginning of spring and very tasty!

We are getting closer every day to the long-awaited spring: soon we will keep the heavy coats, scarves and woolen gloves to make room for cotton cardigans, skirts, palazzo pants and lighter and softer outfits that are well suited to beautiful season.

salmon salad
Prepare a mouth-watering salmon salad, cheap and tasty!

Obviously, even the dishes are lightened and we will no longer have to prepare hot soups or soups, being able to welcome fresh and lively dishes, rich in colors and taste. So why not give a welcome notice for spring to come?

Today we want to teach you how to prepare asalmon salad very fresh and delicious, full of simple, cheap but extremely tasty ingredients. Even the little ones will not be able to refuse a dish because it is very tasty! Here’s what we’ll need to prepare it:

  • 250 gr of salmon fillets;
  • 125 g of boiled chickpeas already boiled;
  • 100 g of fresh feta;
  • 100 gr of cherry tomatoes;
  • 150 gr of fresh rocket;
  • Parmesan flakes to taste
  • Salt, pepper, oregano, chives to taste

Prepare this yummy salmon salad: it’s really fresh and tasty, you can’t miss it!

The peculiarity of this very fresh salmon salad lies precisely in the combination of flavors: the crunchy chickpeas and soft inside marry perfectly with the tenderness of salmon, while the feta will give that right sprint for a unique and delicious dish. The cherry tomatoes will give that sweetness that is enough, while the rocket will balance everything with its bitter aftertaste. In short, it is a perfect salad! But how is it prepared? Here are the steps to follow

salmon salad
Also add shallots and avocado to make it creamier!
  • Let’s start preparing the salad starting from salmon fillets: put them in a frost bag, close it perfectly and immerse it in boiling water, cooking it for about 10/12 minutes (if we use the frozen ones we lengthen the time by a few minutes).
  • Meanwhile, let’s drain the this from their water (do not throw it! Here you can find a truly brilliant use), we cut the Cherry tomatoes in half and salt them lightly so that they can lose their vegetation water. We coarsely chop the rocket then pour everything into a large bowl.
  • When the salmon is cooked properly, place the cooking pot under a jet of cold water so that it can freeze. When it is lukewarm, shred it coarsely with your hands and then add it to the rest of the ingredients.
  • We season with the salethe pepperthe spices in abundance, some flake of parmesan and finally we give a generous drizzle of oil. We mix all the ingredients properly until the feta tends to melt slightly, while the salmon will mix properly with the rest.
  • We can taste ours salmon salad as a side dish, as a single dish or as an alternative to a second course. It will be light, very fresh and very tasty, you will see how good it is!
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