Vegan yogurt, a very healthy food

Used in numerous pastry recipes, it is perfect to accompany with cereals, nuts or granola.

Vegan yogurt is made with vegetable milk such as soy, almond or rice, without losing the benefits of those made with milk of animal origin.. In addition, vegan yogurts made manually, provide more benefits than industrial ones, since they do not contain high levels of sugar, such as pasteurized ones, which have a lower contribution of probiotics

Its origin can be located between Turkey and Bulgaria, because the word yogurt could derive from these two languages.. The main bacteria contained in yogurt Lactobacillus bulgaricus It is in honor of a Bulgarian doctor, who carried out studies related to this product during the last century.

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Its consumption predates agriculture. Milk used to be transported in animal skin bags and when exposed to heat on long trips, fermentation occurred.

To make vegan yogurt, the bacteria that will carry out the fermentation are necessarysince they are not present in vegetable milks. These bacteria are known as yoghurt ferments and can be purchased in supermarkets, pharmacies or online.

To prepare it, bacteria are added to milk, to which we must apply heat. Then, you have to add complements such as sugar or fruit and let it rest in a warm place for at least 48 hours.

It is ideal to accompany with cereals, nuts or granola. This yogurt is also used in many pastry recipes, including sauces and dressings.

Yogurt provides calming effects, its sugar levels are more moderate than those of animal origin on the market, it regulates the intestinal flora and provides calcium and vitamin D, ideal for bones and teeth. In addition, it satisfies the appetite faster and thanks to its live bacteria, it provides probiotics that help regulate the good bacteria in the body.

In the market, vegan yogurts are differentiated by the type of milk with which they are made. Those made with soy milk have a high protein content. For their part, those made with milk derived from cereals such as rice are a good alternative for making desserts, while those made with milk from nuts are creamier.

The term vegur” was first used by the Danish company Chr. Hansen to refer to yogurts made from plant-based milk. Among the countries that consume the most yogurt of animal origin are the United States, Brazil and France. Although, year after year, those of vegetable origin are better positioned in the market.

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