Unhealthy foods to avoid for breakfast

How many times have we heard that the breakfast it is the most important meal of the day and that it is necessary to make a strong meal to endure the whole day without downturns. Well, that is one of the biggest myths that can exist and that are more widespread.

It is not that it is the most important or that it is not, it is that all the foods they are just as important to lead a healthy and healthy lifestyle. To all of them, without any distinction, it is necessary to give their relevance and breakfast is no less.

Now, we usually fall into mistakes that are not good for us. Partly because we have the false perception that we have all day to burn what we eat, also partly because we believe that food and drinks are healthier than they really are and, finally, because the advertising for many years it has permeated us and makes us believe things that are not so.

For this reason, there are a series of foods and drinks that we consider to be healthy and in reality they are not so much or not at all. Are these:

The list of expendable foods

  • supermarket juices: We have the false perception that, since they are made with fruit or taste like it, they are healthy, in addition to the fact that they usually put extra vitamins in bottles or bricks. But no, they contain a lot of sugar, dyes and the percentage of fruit is usually not that significant. It is best to prepare smoothies at home with water and quality ingredients.
  • Processed meats: Bacon is one of the foods that is eaten most for breakfast, a full-fledged American. It is not necessary why it is not good, but just in case… It is obtained from the belly of the pig and is very greasy, very caloric and promotes bad cholesterol. It is also not good to eat other processed meats such as sausages for breakfast.
  • Cereals and cookies: Other foods that are masked by advertising. We already told you about a report from the OCU that talked about children’s cookies, that almost none of them are healthy because of the sugars they contain. And in the case of cereals exactly the same thing happens. With 0% sugar (only 0% added is not worth it), like oatmeal, for example, they do work.

  • pastries: Donuts, Neapolitans, croissants, palm trees, waffles, pancakes, pancakes… All that and more should be banished. They are made with refined flour, a lot of sugar, butter and other additives that are not at all healthy.
  • many yogurts: The ones with normal and current flavors give us a false perception of being healthy, but they also contain sugar and dyes, so they are not ideal. The best, the consumption of a dairy, but otherwise, not recommended.